1B: Chris Davis

Orioles first baseman Chris Davis received the most votes in the 2013 All-Star game balloting. He will be participating in his first All-Star game and starting at first base. Was the final announcement anti-climatic?: "It still feels good. I think any time you are getting that recognition not only from your fan base but from everybody across the nation I think it feels good to know that people are watching. I think what we did last year towards the end of the season really kind of opened people's eyes to the fact that there's some good baseball being played in Baltimore. And the fact that we have a number of guys going to the All Star game again this year just shows that we're doing something right." Is this his breakout season? "It's pretty low key, I'm pretty boring outside of baseball. I think last year was kind of my breakout year because it was the first opportunity that I've had to play every day for a full season. And it might have been my last opportunity if I hadn't done as well as I had." What does it mean to start at first base?: "Anytime you make the All-Star team you are proud, but to be named a starter, it's definitely an honor." On number of Orioles: "I think it is awesome. I think there are a lot of guys in the clubhouse that obviously deserve to be on the all star team and a couple of guys who are hopefully going to get [added] late. I think of Nick Markakis, a guy that playing against him for a number of years I always thought he was an all star, I was kind of surprised to find out he had never made it. So I'm proud of the guys for playing the way they have and it is nice to get that recognition."
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