That one time Tommy Hunter gave Kevin Gausman a new middle name

Kevin Gausman pitched the Orioles into the wild card game Sunday afternoon in New York.

His reward: A new middle name.

Tommy Hunter, the former Oriole-turned-Oriole again, was the ringleader of the Orioles' champagne celebration in the Yankee Stadium visiting clubhouse Sunday evening.

When he wasn't toting around a six pack-worth of beer bottles in his arms, he was leading the rest of the team in a cheer that is bound to adorn a T-shirt soon.

"Can I get two claps and a Ric Flair?" Hunter shouted, with his teammates following his orders with two claps and a "Woo!" popularized by the '80s and '90s wrestling icon.

But interspersed with his rally cry, Hunter dropped a few more words that the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network execs probably weren't thrilled about — and gave Gausman a new middle name in the process.

LANGUAGE WARNING: Not safe for work, or the ears of children born after Cal Ripken retired. Listen at your own risk:

MASN, which did Orioles fans a great service in showing the celebration live from the clubhouse, was forced to cut the audio feed after the second F-bomb.

And about those beer bottles? We've seen Tommy up to this before, and he was happy to point that out in his own tweet last night:

Hunter, Gausman — whose real middle name is John, by the way — and the rest of the Orioles are now bound for Toronto for Tuesday's wild-card game. It marks the third time the club has reached the postseason since Tommy Hunter came to Baltimore.

Coincidence? Maybe.

But while he won't be added to the Mount Rushmore of Orioles legends, Hunter certainly is working his way toward the status of the likes of Rick Dempsey, Kevin Millar and other likable, fun-loving birds to don the orange and black.


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