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Showalter on Adam Jones: 'He's got a stake in this. ... He wants the Orioles to be good every day'

Orioles manager Buck Showalter said he will always support center fielder Adam Jones, the team’s cornerstone player, when he speaks his mind.

In Wednesday’s Baltimore Sun, Jones said he would like to be kept in the loop more often regarding what is going on inside the Warehouse.

"I think I've earned the respect to get a little bit of feeling [from the front office] about what's going on and what our plans are for the upcoming year… what we're doing in free agency, what we're doing with anything,” Jones told The Sun’s Peter Schmuck. “I don't need to know the ins and outs of everything, but I think I deserve a little bit of respect by signing on for the long haul."

Jones’ statement was in reference to a Tweet he sent in January saying, “I’m just going to start going to Peter. Screw the middle men,” a reference to managing partner Peter G. Angelos.

Before Wednesday’s Grapefruit League home opener, Showalter said he knows Jones’ statements are rooted wanting what’s best for the Orioles. Jones is the club's only player signed through the 2018 season

“I don’t want to suppress personalities,” Showalter said. “Adam’s very sincere. … He speaks it from the heart. He’s very sincere. It’s not 'OK, it’s time for me to say something load and boisterous.' He doesn’t do a lot of talking. When he says something, he means it. Whether you agree with every aspect of it, he means it and he’s thought it out. He’s a lot more calculating than he gets credit for.

“And he’s got a stake in this thing,” Showalter added. “He cares, so I’m OK with that. … He wants the Orioles to be good every day. That’s why we get along well.  … These guys who know they’re going to be here, they’re looking for allies. They’re looking for allies in what we’re trying to get done. They might like them, but if they don’t think they can help us. ... They’re evaluating like everyone else.”

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