Rays will come to Baltimore next weekend prepared for battle -- wearing camouflage

The Baltimore Sun

Here's an interesting story for your Friday lunch hour, one that includes a reference to former Orioles outfielder Luke Scott, whose quotes never cease to amaze.

Under manager Joe Maddon, the Tampa Bay Rays have made traveling fun in recent years, with the entire team wearing certain themed outfits for road trips.

They all dressed in grunge outfits on a trip to Seattle, were decked out in all white on a trip to play the Marlins in South Florida. They dressed like cowboys on their way to play the Rangers. They boarded a late-night, cross-country flight to the West Coast wearing pajamas. They’ve dressed up like nerds and worn various wigs. And when they went on their first road trip of this season, which included a stop in Baltimore, they wore letterman jackets on the road.

Well, when the Rays come to Baltimore next weekend for a three-game series, they will be wearing camouflage, according to a report in the Tampa Bay Times. At Camden Yards next Friday, they will open a six-game division road trip to Baltimore and Toronto.

Apparently some were wondering where they could to purchase fatigues. But Scott, who has brought hunting spears and a stuffed boar’s head into the clubhouse, was not one of them.

“That works for me,” Scott told the Times. “Maybe some face paint, too. Too bad I can’t bring some of my other props.”

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