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Adam Jones: Bring on K-9 units and Tasers for trespassers

The Baltimore Sun

Orioles center fielder Adam Jones isn’t afraid to speak his mind. We all know that by now.

I like it. I like when he takes a stand.

Well, he sure took one last night after another fan – we believe it is the fourth this season – ran onto the Camden Yards field. I’m sure some are going to bristle at what Jones had to say, especially after the famous tasing of a fan at a Philadelphia Phillies game in 2010. But Jones doesn’t care.

Here’s what happened Friday: This bare-chested man was milking the crowd and weaving around the Baltimore City Police officers who are instructed to create a seal around the trespassers until it is eventually closed. But that gives these clowns plenty of time in the spotlight.

And Friday’s perpetrator had an extended frolicking period – so much that he ran down the third base line and slid headfirst into home plate. He got up to the roar of the crowd, and immediately went back down – thanks to a NFL-Draft-worthy hit from plate umpire Jeff Kellogg, who face-planted the man into the Camden Yards turf, to more shrieks of delight.

Afterward, Kellogg didn’t comment – one can imagine he will be sternly disciplined by Major League Baseball for his actions – but Jones did.

“That was awesome. I told [Kellogg], ‘That’s awesome,’” Jones said. “I’m sick and tired of these guys running on the field, man. I said let’s get a K-9, something. A K-9 [unit] would be fine.”
      More Jones: “It’s so annoying. You’re stopping the game. I understand you’re drunk. I mean, go do that on someone else’s expense. I hope that’s [Kellogg’s tackle] a lesson.

Perhaps Jones’ most electric comment was the idea that anyone who runs onto the field should be tased.

“I’d [advocate] that people get tased. I’d enjoy that. You don’t run on the field and just disturb a game that’s going on. It’s private property, and I’m sick and tired. I don’t like the way the cops go after them here,” Jones said. “I know it’s not their call. I know the rules; they want them to create a circle or seal. Those kids are running all around those guys. No disrespect to the cops, but go get this dude, put your knee in his throat and tie his [butt] up, simple as that. It’s so annoying. I wish I can go out there as a player, but we can’t.”

OK, so tasing is under scrutiny these days. And it’s not exactly a humane response to this type of disruption. But I’m sure most people who pay to watch the game [or play in it, or write about it] wouldn’t disagree. Although, I’m not sure how many would say it.

That’s why Jones is always worth talking to when a controversial subject is afoot.

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