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Nick Markakis doesn't use pink-labeled bat vs. Twins

The Baltimore Sun

Orioles right fielder Nick Markakis, whose mother is a breast cancer survivor, decided not to use his specially made MaxBat black bat with a pink label Sunday. Players on the Orioles and Twins used various pink apparel and equipment on Mother’s Day as part of a MLB campaign promoting breast cancer awareness.

Markakis donned pink cleats, pink wristbands and pink batting gloves, but used his regular MaxBat bat with an orange label instead of the one that likely would have cost him a $1,000 fine. Louisville Slugger produced the special pink bats for MLB, and other “pink” bats could be used only if there were no logos or visible markings. Minnesota third baseman Trevor Plouffe, whose mother also is a cancer survivor, used his pink-labeled MaxBat, but Markakis decided against it.

“I didn’t want to disrespect anybody,” Markakis said. “Rules are rules.”

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