Duquette says Bundy is comfortable with decision to have Tommy John surgery

Orioles executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette addressed the media in the Camden Yards press box Wednesday night for the first time since news broke that right-hander Dylan Bundy, the team’s top prospect, will undergo Tommy John surgery on Thursday in Pensacola, Fla.

Reasoning for surgery:

The thinking was that Dylan is 20 years old. He’s very young and it’s early in his career. After giving it two times of rest and significant rest and the elbow not responding and being capable to handle the workload required, the doctors and Dylan decided this was the best course. We certainly support it. [Dr. James] Andrews, a renowned surgeon, he has agreed to do it and Dylan feels comfortable. I spoke to him and he feels comfortable with his decision to go forward and have the surgery.

History of the ligament tear:

I don’t know about the exact history of the prognosis of the elbow, but I do know that in these cases when you do have strain on the flexor mass, that’s an indication that the elbow is not capable of handling the workload or withstanding the stress of pitching. In some cases, I understand that if the pitcher is very strong, the elbow could be compromised and the flexor mass would take over and the pitcher would be able to pitch capably. I think there are some pitchers in the big leagues like that. That’s not the case with Dylan.

When organization realized injury was serious:

He gave it a significant rest and the elbow didn’t respond to the rest, and then he went and he had the PRP injection and then he also gave it another significant amount of time to rest and recuperate. So having given it two times rest, and having treated it conservatively, that was an indication that something else needs to be done to allow him to be a capable pitcher. But again, at 20 years old, he should be able to come back and effectively pitch.

Thoughts on the approach to Bundy’s injury:

I think it’s always best to try a conservative approach and try rest and recuperation. The intervention takes a longer time. In Dylan’s case, he gave it two chances to rest and recover. In Dylan’s case, he’s also very young so he has a chance to be able to come back and pitch effectively.

Can Bundy come back stronger:

The surgery is designed to help stabilize the elbow. Sometimes when you have the surgery and doctors do the intervention, the elbow is more stable. I don’t know what the outcome will be, but sometimes that’s the case.

Bundy’s approach to rehab:

Dylan’s a hard worker, and he’s very stubborn. He has some good qualities to be a good pitcher, and the rehab is a challenge because you got to go through different progressions and stages, so it’s important he works closely with his therapist. But I’m sure Dylan’s up to the task for rehab.

Significance of blow to organization:

It’s unfortunate for Dylan that he had the injury. He’s going to miss time for his career. Fortunately, for the Orioles, we have other pitchers. We have some pitching depth. It’s just the right thing to do at this time. We have other alternatives.



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