Connolly's Bar: Will you watch the All-Star Game?

The Baltimore Sun

We'll do an easy, open-ended question at the bar today since I'm preparing for a big crowd at Connolly's tonight.

We pack them in on All-Star night. It's a tradition. Orioles fans jam the place watching for the elusive shot of that one Oriole's one inning at the Midsummer Classic. Then everyone takes a shot. It's like a baseball snipe hunt with whiskey.

But this year you get three chances. Adam Jones, Matt Wieters and Jim Johnson are all in Kansas City. None are starting, but you have to assume Jones and Wieters will get to play. Johnson, too, I guess, depending on the game situation.

And that will be cool. Baltimore hasn't had that opportunity since 2005 -- when almost the entire AL All-Star infield (except for that guy from Severna Park) had "Orioles" on its chest for an inning.

So if you get into the All-Star Game, this one should have a little more appeal for Orioles fans.

But I am curious as to whether you get into it at all. Is it still a cool thing and worth watching? Or do you not really care about a baseball exhibition, even if the outcome directly affects the World Series now?

Daily Think Special: Will you be watching tonight's MLB All-Star Game?

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