As Pearce's deal with Rays becomes official, he thanks Baltimore for his time with Orioles

Steve Pearce thanked the Orioles and their fans for his time in Baltimore.

Considering how well-traveled Steve Pearce was before he finally established himself with the Orioles, it still seems strange to see him in another uniform.

The Orioles will still see plenty of Pearce, whose one-year deal with the Tampa Bay Rays became official on Thursday evening. The Rays Twitter account announced the deal.

Pearce’s salary still hasn’t been disclosed, which is interesting.

I’m still surprised that the Orioles never really made a play for Pearce. Even if Pearce was initially looking for a two-year deal, there wasn’t much of a market for him until recently. And considering how much Pearce loved playing in Baltimore and under manager Buck Showalter, the Orioles certainly could have been a player for Pearce on a one-year deal.

The Orioles did trade for Mark Trumbo, a right-handed bat who will see most of his at bats at DH, but could also see time at first and the outfield, which is where Pearce would have been used. 

Still, like I wrote a few days ago, the Orioles will miss him. His ability to play anywhere -- even second base for the first time in his career -- was invaluable.

Minutes after the Rays announced the deal, Pearce took to Twitter to say how much he would miss Baltimore.

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