Early struggles

The Dodgers' theme for this season, as proclaimed on their website, is "A WHOLE NEW BLUE." With Magic Johnson as the face of a new ownership group, the team is trying to distance itself from the McCourt regime, and spirits were high heading into this season. But so far the Dodgers have struggled. Don Mattingly's team is 7-8 and has lost four in a row, including a three-game sweep by the visiting San Diego Padres this week. You already know all about the Zack Greinke brawl, but -- unless you have him on your fantasy team -- you may not have noticed how badly Matt Kemp is slumping. The star center fielder, who signed an eight-year, $160 million contract after the 2011 season, is bating just .182 (10-for-55) with zero homers and five RBIs. This is a guy who two years ago batted .324 and finished a homer shy of a 40-40 season. "There's nothing wrong with me," Kemp told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, when he was left out of the starting lineup. "Everything is fine. It's just hitting, man. I just need to hit. That's it."
Christian Petersen, Getty Images
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