With two more road games, Ravens' trend of traveling for Monday Night Football continues

With four trips out West and matchups with the AFC and NFC West, the Ravens schedule was always going to create logistical headaches for the team and provide plenty of tough games in the process.

But the NFL schedule, released Tuesday night, continues a difficult scheduling trend for the Ravens, a team that has played on the road on Monday Night Football more often than any other team in the league over the last 10 years.


Eighteen NFL teams have played 10 or more Monday Night Football games over the last 10 seasons, including the Ravens. The Ravens and New York Giants are tied for the fewest home games, with three apiece in that span, though the Giants have played one fewer on the road.

Over that span, the Ravens have a league-high 12 road games on Mondays. The Giants have 11, while the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears have 10. Of their past 10 Monday night games, the Ravens' past eight have been on the road. That, too, is the most among teams that have been on Monday Night most often.

This year, the Ravens are one of seven teams in the league with two Monday Night Football appearances, and naturally, both are on the road — Week 7 at the Arizona Cardinals, and Week 12 at the Cleveland Browns.

San Diego is the only one of those seven teams to play twice at home on Mondays, with the Detroit Lions and Giants also on the road twice this year. So with these two road contests, the Ravens will have 14 road Monday Night Football games since the 2005 season, with just three home games in that span.

An insane amount of juggling goes into creating a schedule that works for the NFL's 32 teams, plus the broadcast partners, stadiums, and all the other stakeholders. But theoretically, competitive balance and equity should be first among all those interests.

In this span, the Ravens are 5-7 on the road, though they've won five of their past seven Monday games on the road, with a 2-1 mark at home. The Ravens are clearly a draw, considering just a handful of teams have been featured by ESPN and before it, ABC, more often.

There aren't too many divisional matchups that factor into these — the Ravens have played just two AFC North games on Mondays since 2009, though those are featured on other primetime platforms. Whatever the reason for this, there clearly must be one, considering this has gone on for so long.

Something tells me this will all be catnip for coach John Harbaugh, who will turn the trips into something for his team to rally around.

An organization that prides itself on its toughness won't get more trying ways to showcase that than the schedule the NFL laid on it Wednesday.