Connolly's Bar: Will Brian Roberts be healthy and productive in 2013?

Welcome to a spring training version of Connolly's Bar

We're in Florida, so we'll put some boat drinks on special. I'm afraid to light the Tiki torch, though. I don't want to burn the whole place down.


So we'll just concentrate on baseball instead.

Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts held court Monday in Sarasota. He's 8-for-20 in seven Grapefruit League games so far.

He has not played on the road yet. He has not dived headfirst into the bag on a steal attempt (though he did do it at first base on a pickoff attempt with no problems). He has not played full games or in a three-game series, like he'll have to do in the regular season.

Still, he's made it through the first half of spring training, feels great and wants to play more.

I can honestly say more people ask me about Roberts' health – and whether he can still last a full season and contribute – than any other question involving the Orioles.

The skepticism is understandable. He has played in just 115 games in three seasons. He is 35. He has dealt with the continual concussion issue as well as having hip and sports hernia surgeries in the past seven months.

This is what he has to say about this spring: "Everything's been great. It's been nice to get out, play and … just kind of be normal again and be like everybody else. We're having a good time, and everybody seems to be playing well. We think that things are going in the right direction for everybody at this point."

Now, I want to know what you think. I want you to get our your crystal ball or your rose-colored glasses.

Daily Think Special: Are you optimistic that Brian Roberts can remain relatively healthy and productive this season? Or has that ship passed for you?

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