Which Orioles' departure stings most: Cruz, Markakis or Miller?

Former Orioles right fielder Nick Markakis signed a four-year deal with the Atlanta Braves.

It's been a rough week in Baltimore sports, which technically means a good week at Connolly's. Lots of sorrows-drowning going on. We've been offering shots at 21 cents for the last few days in honor of Nick Markakis' departure to Atlanta.

The loss of Markakis is obviously the toughest emotionally for Orioles fans. A homegrown player who spent nine years playing his hardest for the team and making a real impact on the community.


For a lot of fans, losing slugger Nelson Cruz wasn't easy, either. He led the majors in homers, proved to be a great clubhouse guy and was named team MVP. And now he is with the Seattle Mariners.

The teeth-kick trifecta occurred Friday when reliever Andrew Miller signed with the New York Yankees. It was expected he would leave, but watching him take his blessed left arm to a division rival I'm sure devastated some Orioles fans.


All three guys received four-year deals. Combined, the trio landed $138 million in contracts. The Orioles get one 2015 draft pick (for Cruz) in the transactions.

Yeah, not a good week.

But here's my question: Which departure hurts most? Interpret that question however you like. Which one hurts you the most personally? Which one hurts the team most? Your choice.

Daily Think Special: Which Orioles departure this week – Nelson Cruz, Nick Markakis or Andrew Miller – smarts the most?