How will Nelson Cruz be received this week at Camden Yards?

Nelson Cruz, last year's Most Valuable Oriole, will be back Tuesday as a Seattle Mariner.

Welcome back to the bar.

I am curious about something and I want your prediction -- or your thoughts at least.


I had the opportunity to talk to Nelson Cruz on the phone recently. We spoke about his decision to sign with the Seattle Mariners and his desire for a fourth year that the Orioles wouldn't offer.

You can read the full story here.

Cruz also spoke about what kind of reception he expects to get from Orioles fans the next three days when he plays at Camden Yards as a visitor.

He was here only one season, so it's not like he was a long-time Oriole. And he left for more money -- or at least a longer contract, signing a four-year, $57 million deal.

So there probably are some people who will boo him.

But he also had an amazing season in Baltimore, helping lead the team to the American League Championship Series while winning the 2014 Most Valuable Oriole award. He also endeared himself to players and fans with an infectious smile and humble personality.

So there probably will be some "Cruuuuuz" chants as well.

Frankly, it may be hard to tell the difference between boos and Cruuuuz.

Here's what Cruz said about the reception he hopes to get.

"I did give them everything I have the year that I played there. Those were some great memories when I was there, great fans," Cruz said. "We accomplished some great things last year and hopefully they will remember me as a good player for that year and part of that team that was such a good team. And I get some cheers, hopefully."

Sounds reasonable to me, but I'm not a fan.

If I were a betting man, I'd say there won't be much response at all. Some polite clapping, a few chants and a few boos. That's often how these things play out at Camden Yards when former players return.

Now, give me your thoughts.

Daily Think Special: How will fans receive Nelson Cruz this week at Camden Yards? What would you do if you were there?