What they're saying about the Orioles

Here's a look at what some other media outlets are saying about the Orioles:

* In his 10 Degrees column for Yahoo Sports, Jeff Passan looks at free-agent fortunes for the coming offseason, including those of Orioles IF Mark Reynolds.


Like [Boston's Kevin] Youkilis, his club owns an option (at $11 million) unlikely to be exercised. If he's going to strike out all the time, the least he can do is hit home runs. Stock report: Down.

* Christina Kahrl of lauds the recent play of slugging center fielder Adam Jones, especially after his two-run blast helped the Orioles beat the Phillies 6-4 in extra innings Saturday night:


That's his 17th home run on the year, another reason why the Orioles shelled out at least $85.5 million to keep Jones in baltimore through 2018. . . . His adjusted OPS (OPS+) of 146 is a creer high.

It's probably no coincidence that he'll turn 27 in August, the age forecasters have pegged as the likely peak for most players. Informed by that, no doubt a few spoilsports already mourn the Angelos dollars spent on Jones when he'll be 32. But the next couple of seasons should look very good for a franchise that hasn't had a center fielder this good since Brady Anderson's run in the 1990's and that had nothing to compare beforehand.

* Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe rates Orioles manager Buck Showalter's performance thus far as the fifth-best in MLB, behind only Don Mattingly of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Robin venture of the Chiacgo White Sox, Terry Collins of the New York Mets and Bobby Valentine of the Boston Red Sox:

Dead last, no questions asked, was the consensus on the Orioles before the season, but instead they have been in first place. Showalter's steady hand and leadership have kept his promising pitching staff consistent.

He, too, has managed injuries well, and has been able to survive with a lineup that hasn't had All-Star second baseman Brian Roberts all season, and has also lost Nick Markakis and Mark Reynolds, among others at times.