Value of each Orioles full playoff share was just over $125,000

The Orioles' postseason drive fell short of the World Series, but players will still be rewarded with hefty playoff shares for advancing to the American League Championship Series.

Major League Baseball released postseason share information Monday, and the Orioles awarded 52 full shares of $125,288.04 each. They also awarded 6.25 partial shares and 36 cash awards.


The pool of postseason bonus money -- generated from a percentage of postseason gate revenue -- is divided among all 10 teams that make the playoffs, with larger totals going to the teams that advance furthest.

This year's total playoff pot totaled $62,026,461.86 and was derived from 50 percent of the gate revenue from the wild-card games and 60 percent of gate revenue from the first three games of the division series, the first four games of the league championship series and the first four games of the World Series.


The Orioles total portion of the money was $7,443,175.42.

Teams decide on their own how to divide their money, with players often voting to give shares to non-uniform personnel. Partial shares and cash awards can go to minor league coaches and others outside the major league club. The Orioles met before the playoffs to discuss how to divide the shares.

The Kansas City Royals, who beat the Orioles in four games in the ALCS, issued 54 full shares of $230,699.73. The World Series champion San Francisco Giants awarded 47 full shares worth a record $388,605.94 each.

The Detroit Tigers, who lost to the Orioles in three games in the AL Division Series, received only $31,543.93 each of their 54 full shares.

To read more on the postseason share process, read this Baltimore Sun story from October.