The Orioles made a trade on Friday.

It's not one that will you get excited.


They added Omar Quintanilla, a 30-year-old middle infielder, for cash from the New York Mets.

With Brian Roberts and Robert Andino out, Quintanilla is definitely a defensive upgrade at second base. But he's known as all-glove, little bat (though he did hit a little better in brief action with the Mets this season).

I still believe the Orioles will make another trade, maybe two, before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. I still believe they won't deal top prospects Manny Machado or Dylan Bundy.

I'm not sure that they sell low on one of their younger pitchers that haven't shown consistency such as Jake Arrieta or Brian Matusz. I'd say that concept is 50-50 or less.

So that leaves some trades that may not be major ones. In fact, if the Orioles make a significant trade I think it is more likely to be for a hitter than a pitcher. I didn't feel that way a week ago.

I say that after Dan Duquette gave me this quote about the club's need for pitching: "You take a look around at the pitchers [available] in the industry and we have some pitchers with the same capabilities as those pitchers within our organization. My hope is we can get the good performances from the players we have."

I think Duquette will do something that he feels will improve this club's chances of making the playoffs. My money is on that.

But whether the fans think it's enough, well, that's a whole other story.