As nonwaiver trade deadline nears, Orioles still seeking reliever, second baseman

There's roughly 80 minutes left before the nonwaiver trade deadline expires, and the Orioles have not yet made a move.

I don't think that's necessarily indicative of what will occur in the next hour-plus. I talked to one guy today who joked that Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette should be wearing a watch that keeps track of seconds -- because that's how he often plays these deadlines.


The trade for Bud Norris last year on this day went down at the last minute, so it would be no shock if an 11th-hour deal like that happens again.

Not surprisingly, I keep hearing conflicting things on whom the Orioles are interested in and whom they aren't. And at this point we have to wait a little longer to know for sure.

I know they are still looking for a reliever and potentially a second baseman who can hit some. And I wouldn't be surprised if they add other pieces, like another starting pitcher. I expect Duquette to do something, though time is running out -- at least on this deadline.

One other thing: Several people have asked whether the Orioles would try to get reliever Koji Uehara back since he loved Baltimore, he's effective against hitters from both sides of the plate and Boston is selling off pieces.

I was told by one industry source that the Orioles coveted Uehara, but the price would be steep, and again, like Jon Lester, would be within the division. Uehara also probably wouldn't be happy as a set-up man again. But that's just my thought.



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