The year of the Eutaw Street homer continues

Eutaw Street homers are always a fun little novelty at Camden Yards.

This year, they are almost the norm.


On Friday, two homers – Asdrubal Cabrera's in the third and Matt Wieters' in the sixth – landed on the street beyond the right-field scoreboard and flag court. It was just the second time two have reached Eutaw in one game in the stadium's history.

Rafael Palmeiro did it twice on April 11, 1997 against the Texas Rangers.


So there was a little history on Eutaw Street on Friday and there will be more the next time one lands there this year.

The record for Eutaw Street homers in a season is eight, set in 2008.

There have been seven hit there in 2012 – and the Orioles have 41 home games left this season. It's one of those quirky things, but worth paying attention to as the season continues.

There now have been 64 homers hit there in the 20-plus year history of the stadium – 26 by the Orioles. One more note: there were five hit there in 2011, but none in 2010.

The stadium has only gone two seasons without a Eutaw Street homer: 2010 and 1993