Terrell Suggs takes high road on Patriots, Tom Brady punishment

"The guy’s a winner," said Ravens Terrell Suggs when asked about Tom Brady's image being tarnished. "He’s won with whatever kind of personnel he’s had, so I don’t think it really tarnishes it." (Kevin Richardson)

He still didn't refer to him by name, but Terrell Suggs didn't take the bait when asked whether the punishment against the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady for the slight deflation of their footballs in the AFC championship game would diminish Brady's legacy.

"I don't think you can," Suggs said. "The guy's a winner. He's won with whatever kind of personnel he's had, so I don't think it really tarnishes it."


Brady was suspended four games, and the Patriots were fined $1 million and draft picks for what the NFL deemed to be gross violations of the rules about deflating footballs. Suggs has a long history of having fun at the expense of Brady and the Patriots, so it was an opportunity missed to needle them a bit more.

Suggs even acknowledged that it was a "bait question."

"I'm not stepping into that," he said. "I'm leaving that alone."

When asked by TMZ last month, Suggs again took the high road while noting, "the last coach that got caught cheating got suspended for a whole year."

It's clear by their celebration this weekend at their ring ceremony that the Patriots aren't letting it get them down.

If anything, Suggs, who was reflective about his career, his future, and everything else he was asked about Tuesday, might have even sympathized with the Patriots a bit. When the Ravens were on their way to the Super Bowl three seasons ago, Suggs was reminded of the scandal that aimed to drag them down.

"You need something to write about," he said. "Everybody needs something to write about, I guess. Theirs is that. Ours was the deer antler. It's always something."

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