Sun coverage: Doping in sports

Archived coverage of the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports.

Start of 'roids rage

Clemens denies drug use

No quit in cheaters thanks to continuous medical advances

Roberts admits he used steroids

Throw out the lead runners

Segui makes Roberts' case

Elusive football lets baseball take steroid hit

History shows baseball will bounce back

Legal challenge, more inquiries could unfold

O's prominent in Mitchell Report

Fan reaction: 'It's about time'

Report riles up Congress

Steroids report includes an All-Star list

Trainer: Clemens used

Knee-jerk reactions to the Mitchell Report

Trembley: 'Not a good day for baseball'

Orioles named in Mitchell Report

A photo gallery of current and former Orioles players named in the Mitchell Report

Chain of allegations full of links to O's

Gibbons meets with MLB officials

MLB officials want to talk to Gibbons

Effects of hGH a cloudy issue, experts say

Gibbons tied to hGH

Baseball's hallowed ground no shelter from steroid talk

Report: Bonds failed test

Bonds' excuses positively pathetic

Ripken guards steroid insight

Palmeiro speaks

Grimsley is thrown into drug spotlight

Congress urged baseball to save samples

Grimsley affidavit links O's, scandal

Dry spell over as juicy story hits home

Report doubts Palmeiro

McCain: MLBPA plan not enough

Players union proposes new steroids plan

Palmeiro probe questions players

With no BALCO trial, public remains unsure

Years lend fresh perspective to meaning of Ripken feat

Internet fertile ground for rumors on steroids

Palmeiro provided no details about test

At Camden Yards, an emotional tug-of-war

In a ballpark divided, reactions from fans provide potent mix

Palmeiro, O's fall short

Palmeiro back to a game in crisis of faith

10 days were 'tough time'

Palmeiro to return without a word

Fans can make a stand -- by sitting at home

Silence speaks volumes in age of lost innocence

Damaged image an anti-drug tool

When heroes falter, it's forgive or forget

Based on survey, Palmeiro faces a long haul to Hall

Players union looking into leaks to media

Body language can translate into tale that's not intended

Baseball, Palmeiro continue to bicker

House panel probing whether Palmeiro lied at hearing

Drug is powerful, has place in sports history

Palmeiro learned of failed test in May

'Sad' and 'sorry,' O's teammates will stand by Palmeiro

Palmeiro's evolution as slugger cast in doubt after suspension

Palmeiro suspended

He may not fit the bill, but he will pay price

Juice leaves lasting stain on Palmeiro

In a blink, Hall uncertain

Taking a swing at sports reform

House to seek tougher rules on steroid use in pro sports

Ex-Terp Dixon set to testify at NBA steroid testing hearing

NFL commissioner opposes uniform approach on steroids

Steroid use in NFL may be wider than thought

S.C. doctor planning book about steroids

NFL now faces its own steroids test

Steroid heat now turns to NFL

Suspensions, not fines, to be steroid test penalty

Baseball stars, officials testify

From stands, differing views on steroids in game

Lawmakers find flaws in drug-testing policy

High tension at the table, media circus in the House

Baseball stars are refused immunity

Article, not book, put Palmeiro on list

Baseball balks at authority of House

House to summon Sosa and Palmeiro

Canseco extols 'safe' steroids

Palmeiro: Canseco claims are 'ludicrous'

Canseco book: Players injected each other

Rafael Palmeiro suspended in 2005 [Pictures]

Photos of the events surrounding Rafael Palmeiro's 10-day suspension for steroids in 2005