One of the things that may have gotten lost in the Orioles' 6-2 loss to the Rays on Wednesday night is that Adam Jones' two-run homer in the third inning was overturned by umpires after a video review of the play.

By my count – and I'm using info provided by  baseball historian David Vincent and retrosheet.org – this was the 18th time that the Orioles have been involved in an official review since the policy was enacted in August of 2008.


Remember, only the umpiring crew chief can decide whether to use the replay system. And there are only three situations in which it can be used: Whether a homer is fair or foul; whether a fan interfered with a potential homer (call that the Jeffrey Maier provision); and whether a potential homer went over the designated "fence."

The latter was what was in question Wednesday night when Jones hit a ball to left-center that appeared to clear the wall and then bounced back.

It was initially ruled in-play, and Jones settled for a double. But crew chief Gerry Davis left the field for a video review and the call was overturned.

That was the 12th video review at Camden Yards and the third that has been overturned. The last overturn was Aug. 12 of last year when Manny Machado was awarded a homer on a similar "in-play" ball that left the field.

The other overturn at Camden Yards was on June 9, 2009 when a Melvin Mora homer was ruled an out due to fan interference.

The Orioles were involved in one other true overturn – July 3, 2010 in Boston. Jake Fox had an in-play ball overturned for a homer at Fenway Park.

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