Matt Lindstrom reacts to being traded to the Diamondbacks

Here's Matt Lindstrom on his trade to Arizona (with a player to be named later) for cash and Joe Saunders. Lindstrom was 1-0 with a 2.72 ERA in 34 games with the Orioles.

Are you surprised by the deal?


"Yeah, [I'm] surprised but also kind of excited. A little bittersweet, because the team here is doing so well and I really enjoyed being around my teammates, the guys in the clubhouse. I enjoyed competing with them but I'm looking forward to moving on to the next chapter in my career."

When did you hear about it?

"This morning. I was about to go out there and have a catch and they called me in and notified me."

See it coming?

"You've got to understand this game is a business and teams have needs. Some teams are stronger in some areas than others. You've got to take it as it comes. Sometimes it feels like you are not wanted, but sometimes that's not the case. Here in Baltimore they have a plethora of pitching, they have depth so I'm just looking forward to getting with my new team."

What was your time like in Baltimore?

"I enjoyed it. The fans in Baltimore treated me good, and like I said, especially my teammates. It's tough to deal with."

Thoughts about going to Arizona?

"I'm excited. I pitched in the NL West last year [with Colorado]. I know that the Dodgers just got better and some other teams have up and coming young stars and stuff like that. But I'm looking forward to playing with those guys. I played with J.J. Putz from Team USA and I know Aaron Hill a little bit and I played with Chris Johnson in Houston in 2010. It seems like I've been around the block a little bit now with being traded. But I'm looking forward to playing with those guys."

Does part of you want to see how this Orioles' season plays out?

"Absolutely. I have a ton of faith in these guys. This is a great team we are on here in Baltimore and I think they are going to go a long way. I don't think anybody should be surprised if they end up in first at the end. I just wish them well and I know that they are going to enjoy continued success.

When do you leave?

"We still have to figure out all that stuff. I only found out about 20 minutes ago [around noon]. So we've got to figure out that stuff."

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