Ravens unveil team-specific emoji collection

Jon Meoli
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Training camp hasn't started yet, but the Ravens gave fans all they'll need this year with a set of emojis.

Now you have more than the purple heart emoji to use when discussing the upcoming Ravens season.

The Ravens unveiled a set of team-specific emojis Thursday, one of the first teams in the NFL to do so, allowing fans to efficiently communicate their love for the team without actually using words.

There are purple emojis of all kinds, plus people in Ravens jerseys and jersey numbers of the team stars, among other gems. They're available on the team website.

And on the heels of the DeAndre Jordan emoji battle that has been the highlight of the NBA offseason, the Ravens engaged in a little emoji war with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Smart move, because you want your team's first emoji war to be an easy one to win.

They're intended to be used for more positive purposes, though, and in a statement, the team's senior vice president of digital media and broadcasting, Michelle Andres, said the Ravens know "it will spur social shares for unprecedented fan engagement."

They also annouced a Twitter mirror, which will be a neat addition during the season and give fans a little glimpse into the fun the players have. Expect a lot from the special teams "wolfpack" of Justin Tucker, Sam Koch and Morgan Cox, who tend to have a lot of time on their hands during the day.

The emojis, though, were the talk of the day. No word on whether they were allowed to make a black-and-yellow, Pittsburgh Steelers-themed poop emoji for the update.



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