Terrence Brooks knocks Titans' Delanie Walker out of game with concussion

Terrence Brooks knocks Titans' Delanie Walker out of game with concussion
Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb, left, kneels near Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker after he was knocked out of the game by safety Terrence Brooks in the second quarter. (Karl Merton Ferron, Baltimore Sun)

Ravens rookie free safety Terrence Brooks delivered a punishing hit Sunday that knocked Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker out of the game with a concussion.

Brooks struck Walker with his right shoulder and wasn't penalized, but the play will undoubtedly be reviewed by the league office for a potential fine. The blow appeared to set an intimidating tone for the Ravens secondary during a 21-7 victory at M&T Bank Stadium.


Walker was on the field motionless after being hit by Brooks on the incomplete pass before eventually regaining movement and walking off the field with assistance from trainers and later being carted off the field to the locker room.

"Obviously, you don't want to hurt a guy, but that was an aggressive, clean hit," Ravens outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil said. "And it really made guys kind of think of running back there."

Brooks reacted instinctively, breaking quickly on the pass over the middle to initiate the collision with Walker. The big shot knocked the Titans' top receiver out of the game after he had caught three passes for 37 yards.

"I just tried to deliver some power to it," said Brooks, a third-round draft pick from Florida State who was a healthy scratch last week. "I'm glad we could spark the defense. I definitely tried to hit him in the chest below the strike zone. I don't want to get any fines.

"It was a good hit. I definitely didn't try to hit him in the head. We really don't know yet about the money situation. Any time a receiver is coming through the middle, he's definitely thinking there's going to be a safety there."

Former NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira, a rules expert for FOX, said the hit was legal.

"This is not an illegal hit on a defenseless receiver," Pereira said. "It's shoulder to shoulder, the head is in front. It does lead to a concussion, maybe when he hits the ground, maybe when his head snaps, but this is a legal hit."

The Titans reacted angrily as running back Leon Washington was flagged for a personal foul for head-butting during an altercation following the injury to Walker.

"I have to look at it on tape, it was tough," Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt said of Brooks' hit. "I don't know if [Walker] actually got knocked out, but I know he got his bell rung."

Walker later wrote on his Twitter account that he's feeling better now.

"I'm all good," Walker wrote. "I just like to thank the fans for checking up on me, sometime u give them and sometimes you u get them and I just got mines lol."