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Ravens Q&A with Mike Preston

Enough is enough. What do the Ravens do with Jacoby Jones? -- Chris, Glen Burnie

Keep running Jones out there. He has the most potential for an explosive play. Just hold your breath until he actually catches the ball. The Ravens have been fortunate that the last two opponents have been poor teams. If he fumbles again in the game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday or later against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he might get the hook.


The Ravens have given him a lot of time to work out of this funk, but he is still stinking up a lot of games.

With a big game looming against the Bengals, what do you think is the key to the game? -- Bill, Owings Mills


The defensive front seven needs to continue getting pressure on the quarterback. If Andy Dalton gets moved off of his spot, the Ravens should be successful. In their first meeting, Dalton was successful in getting rid of the ball with a three-step drop. Also, outside linebackers Elvis Dumervil and Terrell Suggs were no shows. They need to play well against good competition instead of just dominating against the Buccaneers and the Falcons.

Do you think Morgan Cox's injury will have a substantial effect on special teams? -- Chris C., Bethany Beach, Del.

The Ravens signed Kevin McDermott, from the San Francisco 49ers, as the replacement for Cox.  He will take a little time to get into rhythm with the rest of the special teams units, but he should be serviceable. If you don't hear McDermott's name for the rest of the season, that's a good thing.

The pass rush has been amazing in the last couple games. But Suggs and Dumervil have flashed that potential before and then disappeared. Are they here to stay this time? -- Tim

Tim, the last two games have been against Division II teams. We will see the next two weeks against division rivals. The entire front end of the defense needs to keep playing at this level.

Justin Forsett has become a reliable running back for the Ravens. But do you believe he will hold up for the entire season? – Ed, Dundalk

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As long as the Ravens can continue to spell him during games, Forsett should continue to have success. The Ravens should stick with the running back-by-committee approach. Bernard Pierce, though, seems to have lost some fire after the two tough runs he had against the Indianapolis Colts. The Ravens got away from the run and Pierce was on the sideline standing far away from his teammates. Maybe he will regain his edge Sunday against Cincinnati.

The defense played an exceptional game against Matt Ryan, but our secondary still can't catch a cold. Do you think the inability to capitalize on another team's mistakes with interceptions will eventually catch up to the Ravens? – S.L., Frederick


There is a reason defensive backs become defensive backs. They cannot catch. Ed Reed is an anomaly, not the norm. Jimmy Smith, with his size and speed, would be a great wide receiver ... if he could catch.

Owen Daniels seems to be fitting well on offense, especially since Dennis Pitta went down with his injury. What sort of veteran leadership does he give the team? – Terry

Terry, Daniels is providing a ton of veteran leadership this season. He came in already familiar with offensive coordinator Gary Kubiack's system and that has shown in his productivity.

There has been a lot of talk about Will Hill and his presence in the secondary. Is he a difference-maker? – Eddie, Bel Air

Eddie, can the secondary really get much worse? Hopefully, he can be an upgrade.