Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston answers readers' questions about the Ravens' Week 6 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and other topics about the team heading into Week 7.

Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston answers readers' questions about the Ravens' Week 6 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and other topics about the team heading into Week 7.

Why was the Ravens offense able to do what it did [vs. Tampa Bay] but not last Sunday? Did Baltimore have a better game plan, did the players play better, or did the Bucs simply play poorly on defense? – Trevor Johnson


Trevor, it was a combination of all three.  The Ravens played better and had a good game plan. The Bucs might be the worst team in the NFL and exhibited that on Sunday. They are the worst team I have seen since I began covering the league in 1987. Hopefully the Ravens can keep the momentum going next week.

Why do the Ravens seem like a different team week after week? I know Tampa is bad, but why do we not see more consistency from this team? – Richard K., Atlanta

If the coaching staff could figure that out you would see more consistent performances. I think the answer lies in the fact that the Ravens are an average team. They will beat the bad teams, lose to the good teams, and be competitive against similar teams.

Do you think John Harbaugh will choose to stick with Bernard Pierce as a 2nd running back even with his average in this game against the Buccaneers being so dangerously close to where it was at last year when our running game was near non-existent?  Or will he start giving Lornezo Taliaferro the touches he was getting prior to Pierce getting healthy? – Jordan Child

Jordan, the Ravens should ride the hot hand and sprinkle in the other two backs. Justin Forsett has started the last three games so it is now his position to lose.

Are you surprised with how much Gary Kubiak has accomplished with the offense in such a short time, even with key injuries?

No, he is a good coach and has a system that is proven to work. He has the Super Bowl rings to back it up.

Mike - - Your opinion, please, of Harbaugh's decision, near the end of the first half with the Ravens leading 38-0, to not run out the clock and continue to run plays, trying to run up the score.  I feel this will come back to haunt Harbaugh sometime in the future. – Bob K.

Bob, I think he wanted to let his team have some fun. Kicker Justin Tucker has a big leg, and that field-goal attempt, if successful, would have tied the NFL record.  As for karma, if you believe in that, it came around rather quick. The kick was blocked.

Rolando McClain plays for Dallas and sealed the game against Seattle on Sunday.  What happened with him in Baltimore? – David Cash, Philadelphia

David, Rolando McClain has a history of being unreliable. He could not get his personal life together while available to the the Ravens. I have no problems with the Ravens allowing him to leave. Maybe Jerry's World is just what he needed.

Were you as relieved as I was to see John Urschel instead of Gino Gradkowski at left guard? – Joe Skales

Urschel, the rookie from Penn State, played well in training camp, but could use some beef. He has great feet and quickness and can get into the second level. The Ravens have showed that they have no confidence in either Gradkowski or Jah Reid at guard.

Kamar Aiken is clearly the heir apparent as the Ravens' No. 3 wide out (possession receiver). His stature and sure hands are eerily reminiscent of Anquan Boldin. How can the team get Kamar more snaps instead of pacifying inconsistent Jacoby Jones, who has a history of not being reliable for his catching ability? – Lionel Bennett


Lionel, I think the Ravens need to continue to spread the ball around. Do you really care who Joe Flacco throws the ball to as long as it is caught and the Ravens win?

Is Arthur Brown finished as a Raven? – Erroll Phillips

Erroll, we have gone through this every week with Arthur Brown. When he shows the coaches he is one of the best 48 players on the roster, he will play. It is as simple as that.

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