Quick takes on lots of trade targets

We ran a large piece today with a look at some Orioles targets as the trade deadline approaches on Wednesday.

But after talking to a bunch of people over the past few days, both in and out of the organization, there was some stuff I couldn't get into that story and photo box.


So here are some quick hits involving potential trade targets. Some of it is speculation, but much of it is based on those discussions. Of course, this time of year, talking to a lot of people doesn't always get you the truth. But here goes:

Philadelphia's Michael Young – I personally think he is the best fit for what the Orioles need at DH – another professional hitter who is right-handed and can get on base. He also has a relationship with Buck Showalter, playoff experience and can play several positions. But my sense is it doesn't happen. The Orioles still aren't convinced he's available and they haven't made an aggressive push for him at this point. He also could block a trade to the Orioles. Given that there will be competition for his services, I just think he'll end up elsewhere if the Phillies pull the plug on their season.

New York's Marlon Byrd – I am sure when some fans read this they'll audibly groan. Byrd hasn't exactly been a career difference-maker, but he is having a great season. And the Orioles are interested in him. Ultimately, the Orioles are looking for a solid, right-handed power bat and that is what he has been this year. So don't rule this one out.

Seattle's Oliver Perez – The last time I did one of these trade analysis pieces, at the beginning of July, I said if I had to put money on the Orioles landing a particular starting pitcher, it would be Scott Feldman. I'm putting that 1.000 batting average on the line. I think Perez is the most likely to end up in orange and black. Though I still think a right-handed hitter (Byrd, Young, etc.) is their biggest need.

Philadelphia's Cliff Lee – The Orioles need an ace and there have been more reports that the Phillies are at least talking to some teams. The Orioles haven't been one of them. And they aren't going to be. I can't imagine I will ever cover an Orioles team – at least under Dan Duquette and Peter Angelos – that has a $25 million pitcher. Goes against their philosophies (and, really, baseball sense). So forget Lee.

Chicago's Jake Peavy – Forget him, too. Been told by too many people that the combination of money and injury history won't land Peavy in Baltimore.

Houston's Bud Norris – The Orioles like him. So do a lot of other teams. What it will cost in prospects to get him is seemingly more than what the Orioles think of Norris' upside.

Minnesota's Justin Morneau – I thought this was a guy the Orioles would pursue aggressively. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Questions about his declining offense and the money he is due makes me think the Orioles will pass now.

Seattle's trio of Kendrys Morales, Raul Ibanez and Mike Morse – There's a sense that the Mariners haven't decided to deal these guys yet; Morales in particular. And there's not a lot of time left before Wednesday's 4 p.m. deadline.

Overall – Duquette says he has the money and prospects to get a deal done. I believe him. And I think they will add someone, either by Wednesday or in August, once a player clears trade waivers. I don't see the club staying pat. That is not Duquette's style.

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