Prediction Friday: Who makes the World Series?

We're taking a break from thinking about Manny Machado's knee (again) and are considering the teams that are still playing baseball.

So grab a stool. I'll slide you a full glass. And, in turn, you give me your opinion on which teams make it to the 2013 World Series.


I went 3-for-4 in my division series predictions. The only misstep I had was the Oakland A's-Detroit Tigers dogfight. I called the right number of games (5), but had the wrong team emerging.

Now that the Tigers have advanced, they have the unenviable task of having to go to Boston to start another draining set of games.


And I'm still picking against the Tigers to make a second consecutive appearance in the World Series.

I just think the Red Sox are a machine right now. They are rested, playing at home and have their pitching set-up through the series. Meanwhile the Tigers likely will only get to use Justin Verlander once after his incredible performance Thursday.

I'm taking the Red Sox in six. I'd like to make it five games, but I feel like I've already disrespected the Tigers enough. So six it is.

In the National League, I don't see it being that close. The Los Angeles Dodgers have dominant pitching and an offense that doesn't need Matt Kemp. I know money doesn't buy chemistry; but winning turns strangers into a family. That's what has happened in LA.

It's always tough to count out the St. Louis Cardinals with their experience and a knack to win in the postseason. I just don't see them outlasting the Dodgers.

So I am saying the Dodgers will win in five and set up a TV network eecutive's dream: Dodgers and Red Sox in the World Series.

OK, your turn: Which teams advance to the October Classic?
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