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Prediction Friday: Ravens-Texans and Luke Scott farewell

OK, it's a Postseason Prediction Friday.

We have a little Purple Geazus behind the bar. I'll set you up with a to-go flask later.


The Ravens and I finished the regular season on a winning note – they beat the Bengals 24-16 and I almost nailed it, with a 24-14 call.

But that was so two weeks ago. The slate is clean. We are finally talking playoffs (Playoffs??)


The Ravens have to beat the Houston Texans for a second time this season at M&T Bank. I believe they will. Although I don't think it will be real easy. I say Ray Rice breaks a fourth-quarter run for a TD and the Ravens advance with a 20-10 win.

It's Rice's second touchdown and he gets the nod for player of the game.

Just because it is the playoffs, doesn't mean the rules have changed here. You know the drill. Predict Sunday's winner, the score and the player of the game.

Now, let's switch to baseball.

And let's raise a shot of Purple Geazus to Luke Scott, the unique, fan-friendly outspoken outfielder who ended his four-year stint with the Orioles by signing a deal with the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday.

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Scott was a reporter's dream – and nightmare. He was always accessible and always had an opinion. He was clutch for us on tight deadlines.

It was before the game, however, that Scott made the local beat writers nervous. Because every time an out-of-town writer strolled up to Scott, we collectively held our breaths. You never knew what he might he say and what controversy may ignite.

Ultimately, though, Scott was popular because he was refreshingly genuine – even if some of his opinions were genuinely off-center.


He's one of the more polarizing players I have covered. People really liked him – or they really didn't.

He'll be missed by the writers and his teammates. What about the fans? (I know that's not a prediction, but I'm more interested in your opinion this time.)

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