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Prediction Friday: Ravens-Patriots and FanFest autographs

I have been on fire in the past two Prediction Fridays.

For Baltimore's sake, let's hope I cool off considerably.


I predicted the Ravens would win their playoff game last Sunday against the Houston Texans by a score of 20-10. The Texans were a field goal better, but I still was closest (drink chip to snugglesw with a 24-13 prediction).

I just can't be as optimistic this week in Foxboro (though we'll still pass out plenty of cups of Purple Geazus this weekend at the bar).


I wish I could say the Ravens win Sunday in the AFC championship against the New England Patriots. But it's all about the correct prediction here -- not pure homerness (homerocity?) -- and I don't see the Ravens rising above their road mediocrity to beat such a good team like the Pats. Hope I am wrong.

So I’m taking the Patriots to win, 31-23. Tom Brady-- who else? -- throws for three touchdowns and ends the Ravens' season. Sorry. A shot of Purple Geazus that I am way off here.

What's your take?

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Switching quickly to the Orioles -- you remember them -- this Saturday is FanFest, and, yes, plenty of fans will show to at what usually is a cool event.

There will be autograph stations set up. I'm not an autograph guy, haven't been since I was a kid. But I know plenty of people who still are.

So if you were so inclined, and I'd fork over the $15 for charity for you to get one autograph at Saturday's event, who would you pursue? And, don't say Prince Fielder -- though that is a funny answer.

My guess is the overwhelming responses here will be Buck Showalter, Matt Wieters or Adam Jones. I want to see if my gut call is right -- on both my predictions this week.

Daily Think Special:


Prediction Friday: Ravens-Patriots

Bonus Think Special: If you could get one Oriole's autograph at FanFest (for you or your kids) who would it be?