Postgame quotes after Orioles' loss in Game 5 of the ALDS

Here are some quotes from Friday's Game 5 of the American League Division Series, a 3-1 loss to the New York Yankees that ended the Orioles season.

Buck Showalter on his feelings about the season ending: "It's always real tough to talk to them after the season is over because there is always another game, and it is not goodbye to this group, it is "see ya later." They have a very well deserved rest. And I am not going to go into what was said to them, but I am sure they now think it's a little tougher on me than them."

Showalter on his feelings toward this team: "It's been about as much fun as I have had in the big leagues watching how they play the game every day, the standard they held themselves to and the way they raised the bar in Baltimore with each other. It was about them. They cared about pleasing their teammates and playing to a certain standard.

Dan Duquette on the team and his first year as executive vice president: "I'm proud of the effort of the whole organization. We took some great strides forward. We're a first-division outfit. To win 96 games is really an accomplishment and I'm proud of the work and effort that everyone did. Obviously we're disappointed in today's game. But we got beat by a good pitcher today. We got our opportunities in the series to win the series. [In a] short series, you need to convert when you have the opportunity and we didn't quite convert on all of our opportunities."

Duquette on this year: "The season for the organization was a successful season. Our players connected with our fans. We have a group of core players here that our fans should be able to see that we can build around and field a competitive team. I'm just really proud of all the work and effort that everyone did."

Adam Jones on the offense struggling at the end: "We didn't get it done. No matter how you put it. You can say the pressure did this. Plain and simple, we didn't get it done. We went out there and gave it our all. We played our butts off. We didn't get the result we want."

Matt Wieters on the season and the Friday's loss: "It's a good year. It stings right now, but at the same time, this is the baseball that the Baltimore Orioles want to play and this is a starting point for us. We can move into the off-season and try to improve and get an even better team out there next season."

Mark Reynolds on whether he considers the season a success: "Yeah, who wouldn't? We made it to the playoffs and nobody expected that. We pushed the Yankees to five games. Nobody expected us to beat Texas on the road. Overall, it's not the final result we wanted, but we're going to regroup and get ready for another 162."

Jason Hammel on the loss: "We're not going to hang our heads at all. We accomplished a lot of good things and inside this clubhouse we know what we put into this thing. The sky's the limit for us. We challenged ourselves to really do better, and tons of expectations among us, outside they can say what they want but we knew we had it in us and we're going to continue to work hard."

Jim Thome on his experience with the Orioles: "What was cool from my point of view was coming to Baltimore at mid-season and watching the way the city kind of revive itself. I think the young players here really uplifted everything. There's a lot to be proud of. It's going to be an exciting time for years to come, coming to Baltimore."

Nate McLouth on the loss: "No question, we wanted to win today and congratulations to them. They played a tough series and they deserve it. But we wanted it. And it's frustrating and it hurts. It would have been a nice one to get today, but we couldn't do it."

McLouth on whether his sixth-inning foul ball actually hit the foul pole: "I couldn't tell. I was satisfied. I still have not seen the replay but he was a lot closer than I was. They took a look at it and I was satisfied after they took a look at it that it was foul. ... When I was watching it kind of running down the line there, honestly, I thought it was foul. I couldn't tell if it hit the pole or not. [The umpires] watched the replay and they didn't think so."

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