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Here's a roundup of what the national media are saying about the Orioles:

SI.com's Jon Heyman has Orioles closer George Sherrill on his list of players who could possibly be dealt by today's non-waiver trade deadline:

The asking price is high on the pitcher who is more guts than stuff. The Cardinals and Brewers have been mentioned but the guess here is that he stays put.

Near the bottom of the article, Heyman also mentions Chad Bradford and Jamie Walker as middle relievers who could be traded.

FoxSports.com's Ken Rosenthal writes that while the Orioles are still trying to move Sherrill, they are struggling to find a good deal:

The Orioles appear to be facing an uphill battle in their quest to obtain a young, front-line shortstop for closer George Sherrill. The Angels won't part with Erick Aybar, the Brewers won't budge on Alcides Escobar and the O's are reluctant to trade within the division for the Rays' Reid Brignac.

Rosenthal also discusses the Philadelphia Phillies' interest in Sherrill, but says they don't have a shortstop that the Orioles would covet. He goes on to add that the Orioles may make most of their noise in the offseason, as they look for a young shortstop while shopping some veteran players.

• In a separate article on FoxSports.com, Rosenthal also mentions that owner Peter Angelos' philosophy of not trading within the division may be stopping the Orioles from getting a young shortstop for Sherrill:

If the Orioles want a young shortstop for closer George Sherrill, would they consider the Rays' Reid Brignac? Probably not, sources say, because Orioles owner Peter Angelos is leery of trading within the division -- a self-defeating posture until the O's reach the point where actually are competitive again. The Rays might not do Brignac for Sherrill, either, but their reluctance would be trading a shortstop for a reliever, not losing Brignac to a division rival ...

MLB.com's Jim Molony believes that Sherrill's low salary is causing the Orioles to demand a high price in exchange for the closer, thus driving away potential suitors:

And then there's Baltimore's George Sherrill. The list of teams known to have scouted the left-hander recently includes the Cardinals, Dodgers, Marlins, Phillies, Red Sox and Tigers. Sherrill, 31, is 3-4 with a 3.71 ERA and 30 saves. He's also under club control and making less than $1 million. You won't find many closers of this caliber at that price, which means the Orioles will exact their price to deal Sherrill.

• Dan Graziano of the Newark Star-Ledger writes that Sherrill remains at the top of several teams' wish list as the trade deadline approaches:

Talk about a turnaround. This wasn't even the top guy Baltimore got in the Erik Bedard trade, but here he is, atop the wish lists of several teams looking for left-handed relief help. Teams connected to Sherrill include the Cardinals, Rays, Marlins, Red Sox and others. The Mets would love to be in the sweepstakes, but they fear the price will be too high. The Yankees would love it too, but they don't think Baltimore will deal him within the division. It seems likely that he'll be moved, since somebody will probably come up with a blow-away offer. If that happens, that Bedard trade is the gift that keeps on giving.

Rotoworld.com's Matthew Pouliot gives a rundown of what the Orioles are likely to do as the trade deadline approaches:

To sell or make a run at .500? The Orioles have lost five in a row, so they may be more open to parting with George Sherrill than they were a week ago. Unfortunately, the one other player who would bring a really nice return, Luke Scott, probably won't be made available. Aubrey Huff's name hasn't been coming up, but he's a darkhorse to go, and the Orioles would be open to dumping the contracts of Melvin Mora, Ramon Hernandez, Chad Bradford, Jamie Walker and Jay Payton if they have the chance. They'll be after a young shortstop and pitching.

SportingNews.com contributor Gerry Fraley lists the Orioles as a team that's on the fence as the trade deadline draws near:

Baltimore has what every contender wants -- an effective left-handed reliever in George Sherrill. For obvious reasons, the Orioles like him, too.

FoxSports.com's Rosenthal explains why the Astros aren't considering trading former Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada, despite rumors hinting otherwise:

Trade Miguel Tejada? The Astros, bless their delusional hearts, are thinking quite the opposite. They're buyers, not sellers, pursuing bullpen help even though they're buried in the National League standings. The Astros have had "absolutely no (trade) dialogue about Miguel," one major-league source says, refuting an ESPN.com report that said the team was discussing a Tejada trade with the Red Sox. The team's only discussions about Tejada, the source says, involve his long-term position. Tejada, 34, eventually will need to move to third base, but the Astros have a strong third-base prospect at Class AA, Chris Johnson.

FoxSports.com's Aram Tolegian knocked the Orioles down three spots to 22nd in his updated power rankings:

The good: Adam Jones has quietly had a productive rookie season. Still very young, Jones could've struggled like so many others his age, but that hasn't happened. His power/speed combo should only get better. The bad: The O's entered the season in rebuild mode. They had their moments in the East standings, but now it's time to take stock of what they've done to get better for next season. The answer is next to nothing. It's time to get trading.

CBSSports.com contributor Larry Dobrow released his latest power rankings and has the Orioles at No. 20, up one spot from last week:

They actually won on a Sunday! Hugs and high-fives all around. ... The Orioles continue to hit the ball better than anyone has expected -- what the hell got into Melvin Mora at the All-Star break? -- but their pitching has fallen off a cliff. Until Sunday, no Baltimore starting pitcher had gone six innings since July 18. ... Adam Jones, and particularly his quick-whip bat, is starting to give me the same tingly feeling I got when introduced to perky Alicia St. John back in ninth grade.

• Ryan Fagan of SportingNews.com dropped the Orioles a spot to 20th after their five-game losing streak in his updated power poll:

Consecutive wins against the Angels and Yankees help take the sting off their recent five-game losing streak.

ESPN.com bumped the Orioles up one spot to 21st in its most recent power rankings:

Daniel Cabrera has only one victory in his past 12 starts, and during that time he's compiled a 6.15 ERA.

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