Here are some quotes from the Orioles' 3-2, 12th inning loss to the New York Yankees on Wednesday night which featured ninth inning and 12th inning homers by Raul Ibanez.

Jim Johnson on his game-tying homer to Raul Ibanez:  "If you make your pitch, it doesn't really matter. That's what it comes down too. Ibanez, he is a good lowball hitter and obviously he has that hook swing. It's just pitching. You've got to pitch down, change speeds and locate. The home runs were pretty much over the plate."


Johnson on him bouncing back: "Frustrating, like I said, I got to get over it quick. We've been doing it all year. We've been getting great starting pitching. I just haven't pitched to what I've been doing for most of the year. So I need to step it up and help the team.  Because you can't lose sleep over it. Or fret about it, because I got to come back tomorrow."

Johnson on the club bouncing back: "We've been doing it all year. It's unfortunate, obviously, the way things ended up. You have to just come back tomorrow. And you trust the guy in the locker next you and the guys that put the uniform on. We all have each other's back. At no point did I get the sense we were out of the game even after I give up the home run. You have to give yourself a chance and keep grinding it and hopefully somebody picks you up."

Johnson on what's been different for him recently: "I feel like it is just location. I feel the same I've felt the 162 games before that. It's just one of those things that just happens. And like everything that happens, it gets magnified in the playoffs."

Miguel Gonzalez on the overall game: "We did a pretty good job. At the end, a couple pitches were down the middle against Ibanez. That's where he hits the ball and both of those pitches he got. Just forget about this one and go tomorrow and get them tomorrow."

Gonzalez on what it was like to watch Ibanez's homers: "It breaks your heart. But we've been doing great. Can't complain, the guys have been battling all year. But things happen. It's part of baseball."

Gonzalez on Manny Machado's homer: "Machado did a great job to put it over the fence, but right now I'm just out of words right now. It was a tough, tough game for us."

Buck Showalter on if he had a 'knot in his stomach' after the game: "I don't have no knot in my stomach. Why not? Is that what I am supposed to do? Well, they may. We don't live in that world. We're so impressed with all our guys tonight, played a great game in a tough situation, and they'll come out and compete."

Showalter on Johnson and the bullpen losing the game: "Stunned? No. Stunned left me a while ago. I got a grip on how hard this is to do. … Jimmy is a big-hearted talented guy that, believe me, we'd be at home watching without people like Johnson. He's a special guy. We're real proud of him and you'll see him again tomorrow night, I hope."

Showalter on rookies Machado and Ryan Flaherty homering:  "The home runs and things like that, that's why they're here. They're capable of those things. … I know it's a big night for Ryan, when you think about it, a Rule 5 pick that has had some big hits for us, especially in the last month."

Yankee outfielder Nick Swisher on the Ibanez homer: "I mean wow, you dream about stuff like that. I wasn't even the one who got a hit and I was jumping around and going crazy. I mean, legendary performance. For Raul, man, I couldn't be happier for him. You can't script something like that. Talk about a huge momentum shift in our favor. And man, we're excited to get back here tomorrow and try to close out the series."

Brian Matusz on giving up the game-winner: "I made a bad pitch. A lot going through my mind. Just like I said, move past it, move forward to tomorrow. The game means a lot more in the postseason, but when it comes down to it, being on the mound you've still got to make pitches. It's still the same game. You can't treat anything differently.

Matusz on yielding a home run: "You never want to experience a situation like that. Whether it's a game-winning walk-off home run or in the first inning. The ultimate goal is to go out there and throw strikes and put up zeros. It's not a good feeling, but you have to stay positive and move forward."

Matt Wieters on the home-run pitches: "They were both fastballs. You've got a situation with Jim where you just go after a guy and more times than not you're going to get a ground ball with him. You've got to give credit to Ibanez. He put two good swings on pitches, and on a night where the offenses hadn't done much, he comes off the bench and looks ready to go."

Wieters on Ibanez: "You never picture anything like that happening, but you've got to tip your hat to Ibanez because you've still got to hit them. It's a tough situation and I'll still take our guys out there on the mound every time against them."


Adam Jones on the team's mentality: "It's pretty much win or go home tomorrow, isn't it? There's pretty much no turning back. We're going to have the same attitude, the same mentality we've had since the first day of spring training. We're going to have fun, let it fly and live with the results."