Orioles talk about 3-0 win over the A's in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The Orioles rode eight strong innings from Wei-Yin Chen and a key hit from Steve Pearce to a 3-0 win over the Oakland Athletics on Friday night.

Here's what some of the key figures had to say about the victory:


Pearce on being able to contribute: "It was huge. Personally it feels great to do that, but when you can do something for yourself and help the club, it feels awesome."

Pearce on the tight contest: "It was a tough game. (A's starter Tommy Milone) was pitching well. Chen was pitching great. You almost had the sense that whoever scored first was probably going to (win) because both pitchers were pitching great. It feels great to come on the road and win games like that."


Pearce on Chen: "Chen battled his butt off and we found a way to get the W for him. First pitch strikes, he seemed like he was in a groove no matter what he did. "

Orioles manager Buck Showalter on Chen:
"He had two or three three-ball counts the entire night. We retired the first hitter all nine innings and that is big. … He had good command of his fastball the whole night. Both sides of the plate. He was a difference maker."

Showalter on Chen dealing with little run support: "He's a guy that stays focused on what his job is. He is a well-conditioned guy."

Showalter on the pitcher's duel: "Their guy was pretty good too. That's a shame that one of those pitchers has to lose that game."

Showalter on Pearce: "Stevie, it's hard with his role, sometimes it is sporadic. I see all the work he does to stay ready. He wants to contribute. … He's somebody everybody on the team pulls for. He's a good teammate and he wants to fill the role that we need him in. And tonight he did."

Orioles catcher Matt Wieters on Chen: "I've seen him throw the ball that well (before). He threw the ball well tonight. He attacked the zone, was able to mix in his off-speed stuff and his fastball was back to the way he could throw it in and out and really locate it well."

Wieters on Chen attacking the strike zone: "Getting ahead of hitters is something that we've been trying to get better at here lately. He was able to get ahead of some hitters and have quick ABs so where he could go deep in the game."

Wieters on Milone: "We knew it was going to be a tough night. He was hitting all of his spots. We knew he was going to be tough tonight, especially on a cold night here in Oakland. It's tough to score a lot of runs so it was something to where we were just trying to get him a couple and hopefully hold it up."


Chen (through interpreter Tim Lin) on his evaluation of how he pitched: "I am speechless right now. I have no idea what happened on the mound … I just had a really good feeling today and I feel strong today and my teammates helped me a lot."

Chen on whether it was his best big league start: "Not physically, but mentally I think this is probably the best start I have had in the major leagues."

Chen on what he is doing well: "I just got the ball and was just let it go. I didn't want to think that much. Last couple outings and by the end of last year, I (would) think too much. And it confused me a little bit. So today I just let it go. Everything I just let it go. I don't want to think too much about it."

Chen on importance of going eight innings: "Every starter wants to go deep. We just try to do our job and get the win for our team."

Chen on his confidence against Oakland: "I am getting my confidence back, for sure. But I am really proud of my teammates today, especially Manny (Machado) and  (Adam) Jonesy made a really great play today. It helped me a lot. That's why I could go deep."

Chen on getting little run support: "Those things are out of (my) control. You cannot control that stuff. The only thing you can control is (goes through) your mind and go do your work as well as you can."


Milone on the pitcher's duel: "A game like this definitely gives you some confidence. But Chen, I was trying to keep up with him throwing all those zeroes. I had to try to do the same thing. He did a great job."

A's manager Bob Melvin on Chen: "He does a little something different every time. The fastball gets in there quicker than you think. He pitches up and down, and he has a lot of movement on his ball."

A's second baseman Jed Lowrie on Chen: "He was good enough to go eight innings and give up two hits. He located the fastball really well, and his off-speed stuff kept us off balance. But we're better than this. We're not playing with a whole lot of energy right now."