Orioles release 2015 spring training schedule

NEW YORK The Orioles released next season's spring training schedule Tuesday, and they will open their Grapefruit League schedule March 3 against the Tigers on the road in Lakeland, Fla., then play their home opener the next day against Detroit at Ed Smith Stadium.

The Orioles will play 16 home games in Sarasota, including three games each against the Tampa Bay Rays and the Blue Jays and two games against the Minnesota Twins and the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Orioles will end their Grapefruit League schedule against the Atlanta Braves on April 4 in Orlando. The Orioles open the regular season April 6 at Tampa Bay.


They will log some mileage this spring, making three trips to Dunedin, two trips each to Lakeland and Orlando and one to the state's East Coast to play the St. Louis Cardinals in Jupiter.

The schedule includes two split-site, split-squad games. On March 5, they will play the Rays in Port Charlotte at 1:05 p.m. and host the Blue Jays in Sarasota at 7:05 p.m. On March 29, they will host the Twins at home and play the Blue Jays in Dunedin, with both games at 1:05 p.m.


All but three home games are 1:05 p.m. starts. Other than the split-squad nightcap March 5, the Orioles will host the Pirates on April 1 at 7:05 p.m. and the Braves on April 3 at 6:05 p.m

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Date                       Opponent                                 Location                                      Time
March 3                   at Detroit Tigers                        Lakeland                      1:05
March 4                   Detroit Tigers                            Sarasota                      1:05
March 5                   at Tampa Bay Rays                    Port Charlotte                1:05                                Toronto Blue Jays                      Sarasota                       7:05
March 6                   at Toronto Blue Jays                   Dunedin                        1:05
March 7                   Boston Red Sox (ss)                    Sarasota                      1:05
March 8                   at Minnesota Twins                     Ft. Myers                     1:05
March 9                   Philadelphia Phillies                      Sarasota                      1:05
March 10                  New York Yankees                      Sarasota                      1:05
March 11                  Toronto Blue Jays                       Sarasota                      1:05
March 12                  at St. Louis Cardinals                  Jupiter                         1:05
March 13                  at Toronto Blue Jays                   Dunedin                       1:05
March 14                  Tampa Bay Rays                         Sarasota                     1:05
March 15                  at Pittsburgh Pirates                    Bradenton                    1:05
March 16                  at Philadelphia Phillies                   Clearwater                   1:05
March 17                  Minnesota Twins                          Sarasota                     1:05
March 18                  at Minnesota Twins                      Ft. Myers                     1:05
March 19                  Pittsburgh Pirates                        Sarasota                      1:05
March 20                  at Boston Red Sox                       Ft. Myers                     1:05
March 21                  at Minnesota Twins (ss)                Ft. Myers                     1:05
March 22                  St. Louis Cardinals                        Sarasota                     1:05
March 23                       OFF                                                                                                        
March 24                   at Pittsburgh Pirates                     Bradenton                   1:05
March 25                   Toronto Blue Jays                         Sarasota                    1:05
March 26                   at Detroit Tigers                           Lakeland                    1:05
March 27                   Tampa Bay Rays                           Sarasota                    1:05
March 28                   at New York Yankees                     Tampa                       1:05
March   29                 Minnesota  Twins                          Sarasota                    1:05
                               Toronto Blue Jays                          Dunedin                     1:05
March 30                   at Tampa Bay Rays                        Port Charlotte             1:05
March 31                   Tampa Bay Rays (ss)                     Sarasota                    1:05
April 1                       Pittsburgh Pirates                          Sarasota                    7:05
April 2                       at Atlanta Braves                          Orlando                      6:05
April 3                       Atlanta Braves                              Sarasota                    6:05
April 4                       at Atlanta Braves                          Orlando                      3:05