Orioles reflect on season and American League Championship Series

Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy said it was frustrating to come this far and get swept by the Royals in the ALCS. (Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun)

KANSAS CITY, MO. — As the Orioles' season ended at Kauffman Stadium on Wednesday, there was a lot of reflecting on the series and the season in the visiting clubhouse.

We weren't able to get all of our quotes in our articles, so here's some more of what the Orioles had to say after Wednesday's ALCS Game 4.


Buck Showalter on how long it will take for disappointment to fade:

Probably, I don't know, I'll let you know when it fades. What do you think? I don't know. It's disappointing and frustrating -- not frustrating, but disappointing for our guys and our fans.  It's not something -- it's not like something we didn't do; it was more of what they did. And it wasn't like somebody wanted it more than somebody else.


Buck Showalter on the series:

You saw how close the games were. And it's more a testament of what they did. And they were playing great defensively. I congratulate them. Ned [Yost] did a great job, and the whole organization. They get a chance to represent the American League in the World Series, and we wish them well.

Buck Showalter on losing so many close games in the series:

Like I said, there's going to be 29 disappointed teams when this season is over. And that's what makes it -- the emotion is there, like you all saw. … You see how close the margin is. We pitched so well again today. [Miguel Gonzalez] was solid, Darren [O'Day] got a big out, Andrew [Miller] and Zach [Britton], just the two runs they scored, they [didn't] hit a ball out of the infield. Some of that was self-inflicted. Steve [Pearce] made a good choice, because where Caleb [Joseph] has to set up nowadays, it makes it tougher to tag outs.

Buck Showalter on using experience to get back to this point:

You know, there's so many roads to cross to get here. And it's not always health. The things that we overcame on paper, we didn't look at it like that. We said, 'OK, this is why we do this.' And to answer your question, it can't hurt. But it's about players and talent, and it's not ... it's about players, and doing the right thing consistently over a long period of time. ... There's so many things that have to happen for you to get a chance at this.

Adam Jones on losing the series:

They played good baseball. You can't sugarcoat it. They played really good baseball and they deserve to go to the World Series. Not saying we don't. we just didn't win. This team that we have is unbelievable. It's been an unbelievable year. Obviously, we'd like to continue, but it didn't happen. To get this far with this group of men has been an honor. Everyone in here has meant the world to myself and to each other and to each other's families. The fan base has been behind us the entire year. I just want to thank all the fans across the nation for their continued support. We come out here and we grind it out. Somedays it's pretty. Some days it's not. But we give 100 percent, and I just want to say thank you to all of our supporters. We grinded it out, just fell a little bit short. I think we did some good things this year.

Adam Jones reflecting on the season:

It's been an unbelievable season. My first time getting to the ALCS. Nelson [Cruz] hitting 40 home runs. [Jonathan] Schoop playing a full season. You had a lot of major league debuts. [Chris] Tillman had a great year. Our bullpen had a great year. Britton a career year. O'Day a career year. There were a lot bright spots. As a team, we played our [behinds] off. To get in this position? We weren't expected because, according to Sports Illustrated, we were supposed to be out by about June. We've been playing with house money for a long time.

Miguel Gonzalez on the series:

This game is about inches and they got some opportunities where they had some broken-bat base hits in some key opportunities. That was the difference. They pitched really well. … We wouldn't change anything. Caleb did a really good job back there. It's really tough to change anything. … I felt good. Like I said to a couple guys already, I wouldn't change anything. It was honestly, the whole series was that way. We see the way it went, and it could have gone our way.




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