Orioles react to their 10-2 win over the Oakland A's

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The Orioles opened their 11-game road trip with a 10-2 win over the Oakland A's on Thursday night.

Here's what some of the key figures had to say about the victory:


Chris Davis on the first few innings malaise:
"The first couple innings I felt like we had a little jet lag working. So I think it was huge for us to get a bunch of hits and everybody kind of get that monkey off  their backs after traveling across country."

Davis on the HBP that wasn't: "It hit the top of my foot. And (home plate umpire Bob Davidson) came back later and said (catcher John) Jaso told him that it hit my foot, and he apologized. That's fine. In that situation, I'm not going to fake it, I definitely want to hit right there."


Davis on homering in the next at-bat: "In that situation we are up right there, we have the lead and we want to try to add on. Nobody's perfect in this game. Nobody hit 1.000, nobody gets every call right. It's part of it. You've just got to move on."

Davis on starter Jason Hammel: "It wasn't the prettiest thing, but he competed, he gave us a chance and ended up going six innings and got the job done."

Nate McLouth on how he's playing: "I feel pretty good. I feel like I am swinging at good pitches and that's what I'm happy with for the most part. Getting in counts I want to be in and putting good swings on pitches that I want to swing at instead of kind of letting the pitcher dictate what the pitches are that I offer at."

McLouth on early malaise: "Yeah they scored those two runs in that second inning and for us to come back in that third inning and hit them right back with those three runs was huge."

McLouth on everyone in the lineup hitting: "It seems like it has kind of gone where a couple guys are hot at a time and then a couple other guys. I think we could start to kind of roll here in unison as a complete lineup."

Hammel on his struggles and battling: "Basically, that's the storyline. Usually you can't survive when you are trying to find it on the mound in a game. But I did a pretty good job in the second of limiting the damage. That could have been a pretty big inning. And the guys scored a lot of runs for us so I was able to stay aggressive and just try to get through it.

Hammel on his ability to rebound after things don't go well: "Oh yeah, in the past I would have folded easily. The first few years of my career, I'd get so frustrated that I'd start trying to  do too much. And the only way to get through that stuff is to do less, honestly. It's something I've learned over the years. It was nice to have a lot of runs to work with. That definitely made it easier."

Hammel on the early malaise: "I think you could see both teams probably took a six-hour flight to get there. It was pretty ugly. Probably not the crispest baseball game ever played."

Manager Buck Showalter on Hammel surviving:
"I tell you, the sixth inning was big, to get out of that. He made some big pitches … I think he is at a stage in his career when he gets, I don't know, mad or frustrated he is able to funnel it in the proper direction instead of letting it get away from him."


Showalter on the hit by pitch that wasn't: "I didn't want Chris to get hit with a pitch there. I didn't argue much."

Showalter on the early malaise: "Yeah, they had the same issues. I bet we got here within a couple hours of each other. It's a challenge, nobody ever said it was gonna be (easy). … I keep reminding myself they are 26, 27. They're not 56 like me, so what I feel doesn't really matter."

Showalter on Nate: "He's helped slow down the leadoff questions. The questions came because we had multiple guys capable of doing it, which I should feel real lucky about."
Showalter on Adam Jones and not being able to catch a second-inning liner: Jonesy was frustrated early on and came back and had a big night for us. … That ball was spinning back, but he's not going to make any excuses. It's not easy. It's just that he has spoiled us with such a high level of play."

Showalter on the team: "I like the mentality everybody's got right now. Of course, they have it just about every day."