Orioles open 2015 on road at Tampa Bay; home opener Friday April 10

Orioles open 2015 on road at Tampa Bay; home opener Friday April 10
(Courtesy of Orioles)

BOSTON -- If the Orioles end up with a American League East division, AL or World Series title this year, they are going to have to wait a few extra days to display the banner next April.

The club will open its 2015 season at Tampa Bay on Monday, April 6, according to the schedule released Monday. The Orioles will play three consecutive road games versus the Rays to begin the season before coming home for one day off. The home opener at Camden Yards will be Friday, April 10, at 3:05 p.m. against the Toronto Blue Jays.


This will be the fourth time in six seasons the Orioles have opened at Tropicana Field. Because of St. Petersburg, Fla.'s relatively close proximity to the Orioles' spring complex in Sarasota, the club prefers starting against the Rays if they can't open at Camden Yards.

"That's always good for us," Orioles manager Buck Showalter said. "I like having the off day to have the welcome home dinner/brunch."


The Orioles will continue their first homestand with the New York Yankees on April 13-15, before hitting the road for Boston and Toronto. The Red Sox come to town for the first time from April 24-26.

Unlike this year when the Orioles end their season on the road in New York and Toronto, they'll end the 2015 campaign at home with the Blue Jays from Sept. 28 to Oct. 1 and then a three-game series against the Yankees, Oct. 2-4.

The Orioles will kick off their interleague play against the National League East with two games at the New York Mets on May 5-6. They'll then stay in New York for a four-game series against the New York Yankees.

The Orioles also will travel to Miami on May 22-24, to Philadelphia on June 17-18 and will have a rare interleague series in September on the road when they visit the Washington Nationals on Sept. 21-23.

"I'm not a big fan of interleague play in September, especially when you've got to use pitchers to hit," Showalter said.

The Orioles will host four of the five NL East teams (not the Marlins) next year: the Philadelphia Phillies on June 15-16, the Nationals on July 10-12, the Atlanta Braves on July 27-29 and the Mets on Aug. 18-19.




6-8/at Tampa Bay Rays

10-12/Toronto Blue Jays

13-15/New York Yankees


17-20/at Boston Red Sox

21-23/at Toronto Blue Jays

24-26/Boston Red Sox

27-29/Chicago White Sox


1-3/Tampa Bay Rays

5-6/at New York Mets

7-10/at New York Yankees

11-13/Toronto Blue Jays

15-17/Los Angeles Angels

19-21/Seattle Mariners

22-24/at Miami Marlins

25-27/Houston Astros

29-31/Tampa Bay Rays


1-4/at Houston Astros

5-7/at Cleveland Indians

9-11/Boston Red Sox

12-14/New York Yankees

15-16/Philadelphia Phillies

17-18/at Philadelphia Phillies

19-21/at Toronto Blue Jays

23-25/at Boston Red Sox

26-28/Cleveland Indians

29-July 2/Texas Rangers


3-5/at Chicago White Sox

6-8/at Minnesota Twins

10-12/Washington Nationals


17-19/at Detroit Tigers

21-23/at New York Yankees

24-26/at Tampa Bay Rays

27-29/Atlanta Braves

30-Aug. 2/Detroit Tigers


3-5/at Oakland Athletics

7-9/at Los Angeles Angels

10-12/at Seattle Mariners

14-17/Oakland Athletics

18-19/New York Mets

20-23/Minnesota Twins

24-27/at Kansas City Royals

28-30/at Texas Rangers

31-Sept. 2/Tampa Bay Rays


4-6/at Toronto Blue Jays

7-9/at New York Yankees

11-13/Kansas City Royals

14-16/Boston Red Sox

17-20/at Tampa Bay Rays

21-23/at Washington Nationals

25-27/at Boston Red Sox

28-Oct. 1/Toronto Blue Jays


2-4/New York Yankees

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