Orioles notes: Jackson, Uehara

Fox Sports has reported that free-agent right-hander Edwin Jackson has multiple three-year offers available.

Not sure if the Orioles are one of the teams that have made an offer, but it would make sense if they were. The Orioles like Jackson and would love to have another right-handed innings eater toward the top of their rotation.

The Orioles haven't dismissed the idea of a fourth year for Jackson -- which is normally out of their comfort zone -- because he is 28. But I've been told a three-year deal with an option for a fourth would be much more palatable.

Jackson won a championship with the St. Louis Cardinals last year. And though I am sure more rings are a priority for him, I imagine getting paid handsomely in his first chance at free agency is also high on his list. So he wouldn't be coming to Baltimore on the cheap -- and that ultimately means the deciding factor will be whether the Orioles will outbid teams like the Boston Red Sox for his services.

There are also reports that he would take a one-year, make-good deal and enter free agency again next year. Given the potential starters available after next season -- Zack Greinke, Cole Hamels -- I don't see that happening. But it certainly wouldn't happen in Baltimore. Pitchers don't come to Camden Yards, the AL East and the last-place Orioles to boost their free-agent status, no matter how much money they could get for one year. 

One thing the Orioles might have going for them regarding Jackson and a long-term deal is that center fielder Adam Jones and Jackson are good buddies. Then again, there is no guarantee Jones is in Baltimore after 2013.

A guy who definitely would like to be in Baltimore next season is reliever Koji Uehara, whom the Orioles traded to the Texas Rangers in July for Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter. Uehara struggled in Texas and was left off the World Series roster and doesn't necessarily have a place in the Rangers' 2012 bullpen.

They tried to trade him to the Toronto Blue Jays this week, but he reportedly rejected the deal because Toronto is one of six clubs on his no-trade list.

I've been told the Orioles have had sporadic conversations with the Rangers in bringing back Uehara, and it's something they still maintain interest in. But they'd have to find a trade match. And Texas GM Jon Daniels isn't expected to give away Uehara, especially to the team that wrangled two solid young players out of him for Uehara a few months ago.

Even at a $4 million price tag, Uehara, 36, has some trade value to other clubs who need back-end bullpen help. I think the safe money is that he ends up elsewhere, but after seeing him break into tears when he was traded in July, it's obvious where he'd most like to be.