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Orioles left-hander Dana Eveland waiting for baby call

UPDATE: Dana Eveland's wife Ashley tweeted that their baby was born early this morning (or late last night pacific time).

Hello world, Asher Perry Eveland born 10:32pm, 6/23/12. 7lbs 9 oz, 20 1/4 inches

With his wife is on the west coast due to deliver a baby boy in three days, Orioles left-hander Dana Eveland can't step far from his cell phone.


Eveland's wife, Ashley, is due to deliver the couple's second son on Tuesday. Doctors expected an early delivery, but they've also told the Evelands they're not going to induce her until a week after the due date. That leaves a wide range for Eveland. At any moment, Eveland could be called back home to Palmdale, Calif., to be with his wife.

"We're looking anywhere from ten minutes from now me leaving to a week, 10 days from now," Eveland said. "Obviously I'm thinking about it a lot, but it's not overly stressful for me. She's a pro."


Major League Baseball's paternity leave policy, enacted last season, allows players to take up to three days off for the birth of a child and lets the team to add an extra player to the 25-man roster to fill the absent player.

Second baseman Robert Andino was placed on the paternity leave list in April to be with his wife for the birth of their third child.

Eveland, who has worked mostly in long relief this season, would be a candidate for a spot start when the Orioles need a fifth starter next Saturday.

I'm definitely excited," Eveland said. "Nervous, excited. It's awesome to be able to spend some time with my wife. At the same time, I hate leaving here because I love what this team's been doing and I love being a part of it."