Baltimore Orioles

Orioles left fielder Nate McLouth's sensational diving catch turned ugly

TORONTO -- I've often heard that Rogers Centre is one of the toughest places for a visiting outfielder to play because the fans in the two decks beyond the outfield wall feel like they're right on top of you.

One player I used to cover said some brutal hecklers exist in the outfield stands there. Another said that it's more like a hockey crowd than your typical baseball crowd.


There was at least one idiot there in the Orioles' 12-6 loss to the Blue Jays on Thursday night.

In the sixth inning, Orioles left fielder Nate McLouth raced into foul ground and went into the stands full speed giving chase to a fly ball off the bat of Colby Rasmus. McLouth completely fell into the seats and emerged with the ball in his glove, and Rasmus was called out. McLouth said he scraped his shin on a metal bar along the wall as he fell into the seats.


The Toronto fans didn't like the call. They believed that McLouth lost the ball as he flipped over.

And as McLouth went back to his position, an opened aluminum can was thrown onto the field from the stands behind the left-field wall. McLouth had his back to it, but it landed within about seven feet of him.

"It just kind of startled me for a second," said McLouth, who noted that a similar incident happened to him once at Wrigley Field. "I'm not sure how close it landed. That's just one person doing something they shouldn't do. ... I'm not sure what happened. Somebody threw a bottle of something."

Orioles manager Buck Showalter sprinted across the field from the visiting dugout to demand the fan be ejected. He was.

“It’s unfortunate,” Showalter said. “The umpires and the security do what they do. Unfortunately it happens in ballparks now and then. It's one person and you don’t group the whole [crowd]. They got rid of him ... They did what they were supposed to do and we moved on.”