Orioles fans recount night/morning watching win over Mariners

We asked Orioles fans who stayed up for the 18-inning win over Seattle to share their experiences of watching the marathon game. Here are a selection of responses:

For a Baltimorean living here in the Czech Republic, the game started at 4:00 AM.  So I got up in the middle of the night (as I have for the past 3 months) and watched until the very last minute that I needed to leave for the office – this was at 9:15 AM, with 2 outs in the bottom of the 16th.  I arrived at the office (a 5-minute walk), sat through a brief meeting, ran to my computer and switched on mlb.com to see that JJ had just singled to set up the first-and-third.  I watched the rest of the game with my door shut, trying not to bother my colleagues by cheering too loud …


Joseph Pennington

Deputy Chief of Mission


U.S. embassy, Prague

I'm a Baltimorean living in Beijing, China, and I follow most of the games on ESPN.com Gamecast. We're on 12-hour time difference here right now, so this game was nice because it occupied all my down time at work, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. or so. Sadly I wasn't wearing the free giveaway, Chinese characters Wei-Yin Chen T-shirt that my mom shipped to me here.

I've been an O's fan my whole life and I've been waiting 15 years for this playoff run and now I'm not in the country to appreciate it! I was just back in town visiting and got to go to a game and a half. Sadly the extra inning win that gave us the sweep against Tampa Bay I had to leave for the airport to come back.

Andrew Gorman, DVM

I am a very tired but very happy O's fan today. Had to wake up at 7:30 but only getting 3 hours of sleep was completely worth it. I haven't seen a winning baseball team in Baltimore since I was 10 years old and there's no way I could miss a chance to see some Oriole magic. Every time I wanted to go to sleep I could feel the magic was coming. When we finally got the winning hit courtesy of Mr. Clutch Double T (Taylor Teagarden) my roommate and I yelled so loud we woke up our other roomie. Haha.

I am sorry for those fans who couldn't stay up ( and understandably so) but that was worth every minute! Go O's!!!!!

Ricardo Bittner 

My eyes are bleary today.  Thank God we won.  I know what's at stake.  I saw the seagulls try to take over Safeco Field and what they did to Tommy Hunter.  Maybe it's an omen.  We never give up.  Go O's!

Gil Griggs

You don't ever leave an extra inning game ... not this year for sure.

Marty Conway

I am a United Airlines pilot. After flying an all-night flight from Washington-Dulles to Geneva, Switzerland, and checking into my hotel room, I checked in to see how the Orioles had fared in Seattle. I was surprised to see that it was still ongoing ... 2-2 in the 16th inning. I listened to the remainder of the game on my iPad and was glad to see the O's pull it out. Let's go O's.


Dan Koerschner

I stayed up to watch all 18 innings of the O's vs. Seattle.  After Chris Davis singled in two runs to tie it and the game ended up in extra innings, there was no doubt in my mind the Orioles would win.  Each inning I said I would only stay up for one more, but after investing so much time, it made no sense to me to call it quits.  I was up for work on time, but I have a 20 oz. coffee on my desk.

Dominick Bellia

Waiting 15 Disappointing Years

I fell asleep on my sofa 10-ish (EST) and woke up shortly after 12 to see the O's were down 2-0 bottom of 8. I decided to stay up to see what was in store for top of 9 and after the O's tied it I was "all in" for the rest of the game. I followed the game on my IPod Touch using the ESPN ScoreCenter app, Twitter, and trading texts with my brother in Nashville, TN, for the "2nd 9 innings." I don't think I woke up my family in the 18th, but I haven't asked them yet either. I fell asleep shortly after JJ closed it out around 4 a.m. Up at 7 a.m. and at work by 8 a.m. Coffee was poured by 8:05. No regrets … glad they won … yet another awesome memory of the Orioles in 2012.

Brad Chelton

Columbus, OH

I stayed up to watch the game knowing that I had to be up at 6:30 to volunteer at a local Baltimore school.  While I did switch from TV to radio around 3:30, I was not about to miss the outcome of this game!  Let's go O's!

Catherine Brown 

Stayed up. Did not watch postgame. Had a meeting at 8:30 this morning.

Good times though. I'm 53, feels like the old all-nighter in days of youth.

Michael Williams

Harrisburg, PA 

I've been a LOYAL AND COMMITTED O's fan since 2nd grade. I'm 31 now and have never wavered. I live on the West Coast now and sat my job late into the night to watch my boys kill it in the 18th (at a game I was supposed to be at) against the gang from Seattle!!!

This has been the most fulfilling year of my entire natural life!!!

Joshua A. Queen

Bend, OR

Haven't stayed up that late since I was at the hospital watching my nine-year-old granddaughter while her mom was giving birth to a new little sister. That was better, but I hope that game was part of the birth of something new and beautiful. 

Tom Keller

Biltmore Lake, NC

Yup...using MLB "streaming" subscription...I made it to the end! Former 'Bal-de-moron' who used to hang-out around the Fred Tyler clubhouse! Now living in CO.

William "Doc" Gehring, Ph.D.

(Plate umpire in "Major League II" for the final strikeout!)

Stayed up through the 9th listening on my IPhone.  Heard the hit by Davis to tie it up.  Was in and out of sleep through the 14th inning, on one hand trying to fall asleep, while on the other hand not wanting to miss what happened next.  I decided at 2:00 A.M. that I needed to get some sleep, and only way that would happen was to shut my phone off.  Woke up again at 3:50 A.M. like a kid on Christmas morning.  Grabbed my phone, and in a sleep induced daze saw the 4-2 score and rejoiced.  Then I realized the game was not over, and was going into the bottom of the 18th.  Convinced myself that JJ would close it out and it was not worth losing more sleep to listen to the end.  Woke up to see the game was won.

Not enough coffee in the world to help me right now, but it was all worth it.  I am at a loss for words with this team, AND FINALLY FOR ONCE IN SEVERAL SEASONS, THAT IS A GOOD THING!!!

Jim McMullen



I stayed up until the end of the game and had to be at work at 8 a.m. I live in Ocala, FL, and this on a day spent in synagogue for the Jewish New Year wearing my Oriole Yamulke. I am exhausted.

Sandy Israel

Yes, I was a devoted fan and watched the 18 innings.  I was really hoping for them to finish the game (WINNING of course) by 4am so that I could catch 2 hours of sleep before the alarm went off!  It was well worth the missed z's.

GO O's!!

(but even if they had lost, it still would have been worth staying up to support our boys)

Teresa Mealey 

What a game! I stayed up in hopes that Showalter would have to go in and pitch.

Sleepy in DC,

Jacob Hileman 

I missed the game last night to go to a concert instead. But lucky me, I checked the score just in time to catch the bottom of the ninth, and a still got to watch a full nine inning game anyway! At this point, extra innings just means a guaranteed win, so I knew I couldn't go to sleep. Paying for it this morning but it was totally worth it--love our boys!

Ashley Morris 

Yes I stayed up and watched the whole game. Luckily my wife was out of town and our little girl slept soundly.

I had to get up at 6:15 to get her ready for kindergarten. I am hoping I put meat on her sandwich.

Tom Burns

Brevard, N.C.

Easy to wake up after a one hour nap when the Orioles win.  Here's my story:

I went out to watch the game and chat with friends.  I was getting ribbed by a Yankees fan friend after the Mariners took the two-run lead "How about your Orioles! Ahah" in a sarcastic tone, but I kept the faith and got my digs in when the Orioles finally tied it in the 9th.

Like previous extra-inning games there were those moments where you felt like "Oh THAT was their chance right there," but the bullpen kept them in it.  So, obviously it was getting late and I went home and continued to watch the game in my bedroom.  The O's got men on in the 18th and as soon as I saw they were going to have Teagarden come up to pinch hit I knew we were about to take the lead.  If they had lost that game I'm sure I would have called in sick, but I got an hour of sleep and feel like a million bucks this morning!  Let's GO O's!

Michael Firestine 

Stayed up for the entire Oriole game that ended at 3:55 AM. After the game, fell asleep by 4:15 AM and my alarm woke me up at 5:00 AM. Had to be at work by 6 AM.

Well worth it. But if they would have lost, it would have been a different story. This game may take them to the division crown.

Tim Schickner 

I watched the game from first pitch (10:10 pm EST) to the last out (4:00 am EST). I had to get up for work at 8:00 am but it was well worth it! I had to see the Orioles win and tie for 1st place.. Would I do it again? Of course.

Austin Delauder

I tried to stay awake for the entire game but kept dozing off. When I awoke at 5:30, I thought I had dreamed that the Orioles won in 18 innings; however, when I looked at The Sun online this morning, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't a dream after all!!!

Bob Stratemeyer

I fell asleep on my couch during the 4th inning and woke up by chance just as the 9th inning was starting.  I stayed up and watched the rest of the game.  I fell asleep again at 4:15 a.m. and was at my desk in my office at 7:30 a.m. after dropping my daughter off at day-care at 7:20 a.m.

I was/am exhausted – but the news of Dylan Bundy's potential call-up has my adrenaline ramped up.

The big questions: can I get through another late game tonight?  Do I have a choice given that I may be able to see Bundy's MLB debut tonight?  Both rhetorical questions!

Keith Forman

Well it is a great day to be an O's fan even though I only got three hours sleep. I live in Kansas but have been a diehard O's fan since 1966 when I was just 12 years old. Have been a lot of good memories thru the years and some bad but this year has been something special. Turned by brother in law into an O's fan when he was a little kid and every year we take a baseball trip to see the O's. It was the Minnesota series at Target Field this year.

Anyway, had to sleep on the couch so I would not wake up the wife and dogs after the game ended but it was worth it. I will be on the couch again tonight for the next O's win. Thank God for that MLB package that my wife added to the cable TV so I can see every O's game.

At work now and reading all of the O's articles on the internet. Hope I don't get caught by the boss!

Let's Go O's!!!!!!!

Barry Augustine

Hutchinson, KS

Yep!! I am one of these and should know better, as a father of two young children (2 and 6).  Plus, I'm 45!!

I grew up in Baltimore City.

Bernard McKenna

I watched all 18 innings with my 6-day-old son sleeping on my chest.  The O's are 5-2 in the little guy's lifetime!

David Sherzer

I went to bed in the 7th and tossed at 2 am and immediately turned on ESPN to see that they had tied it and they were in the 14th.

Then I forgot my password to get on mlb.com to listen so I had to follow "gamecast" on mlb. This team is more than scrappy, they are likeable, loveable and a joy. I don't want to say destiny because I only asked for .500. but this is a beautiful team.

Gary A. Bernabe

Fifteen years since relevance, I can stay up until 3:00 CST (live in Nashville) to watch the O's pull out yet another amazing victory. 5 hours later, I'm at work reading all the articles covering last night's marathon. Go O's!

Andrew Chelton

I didn't stay up for the whole thing, but I managed to tag along until 2:35 AM.  We can't get MASN in our area, so I have to rely on the MLB gamecasts online for pitch-by-pitch.  That makes things even more agonizing, waiting for pages to refresh, etc.  Still, I followed the entire game from first pitch up to 2:35 AM, since I try to stay strong for my O's here in North Carolina, even if that means lost sleep and early rising for work!  I saw that we won when I checked again at 5:00 AM.  The best part of waking up is a VICTORY in your cup!

Jim Williams

Archdale, N.C.

I never pulled an all-nighter as a student, but last night was close.

I keep score only when I'm at the ballpark.  So I was able to do some reading and housecleaning in between pitches and innings.

I drove to Annapolis without incident this morning but expect to be heavily caffeinated for the public hearing I'm attending at 10 a.m.


Delegate Samuel I. "Sandy" Rosenberg

I'm a Baltimore transplant living in San Diego. Now before you say "big deal, you're on west coast time," I get up at 3:30am for work, so I never left the eastern time zone. Five hour energy drink and diet mountain dew are definitely my friends this morning. I watched the whole game, and from the 6th inning on I watched it downstairs next to my sleeping wife. A series of silent fist pumps at Darren O'Day's strikeouts and Tommy Hunter getting out of two jams. I freakin' love this team!

Don Ayres

So here was my night:

1. Due to the crazy weather it took me two hours to get home from my job in NYC back home to CT

2. Got home bought MLB.TV for $9.99 for the rest of the season so I could watch my O's play

3. Was watching the end of the Rays game and thank god the Soxs held on

4. Watched President Obama on Letterman at midnight while the O's played the 9th on my laptop we SCORED.

5.  Watched the next 9 innings hoping for a run and wasn't disappointed, now I'm back at work in NYC and NEED SLEEP

Rishi Kadiwar

I stayed up for all 18 innings last night (with possibly a nodding off moment somewhere around the 16th inning)- now at work in an all day budget briefing.  On my second diet coke of the morning.

Emily Alt

My head hit the pillow at 4:05 a.m., minutes after the Orioles completed another warrior-like display of tenacity and resolve ... another chapter in one of the most improbable seasons in baseball history. Yes, I'm here to tell you that this story has become larger than "just" Baltimore.  This season is fast becoming a Disney screenplay.  I marvel over Matt Wieters.  Is he human?  I marvel over Buck Showalter.  Sometimes it seems as though he could walk across the Inner Harbor without getting wet.

Last night, as each inning passed, as each mariner bullet was dodged, I kept telling myself that "this would be my last inning".  I was fully aware of the absurdity that I was sacrificing a productive "tomorrow" so I could stay up for this marathon.  I knew I had to take my son to school at 7:30 a.m. … and I knew that the car ride to school would be all about the O's.  And I also knew that we were in the midst of a 13-game extra-inning win streak ... and there was NOTHING that would stop me from watching a single stroke of Buck's genius, or a single pinch hit.

So, as the clock struck 3:40 a.m. and Jim Johnson FINALLY made his way toward the mound, I sat in awe as my team passed ice through its collective veins and closed in on another win, another visit to the top of the standings, and another morning where I could tell my 6-yearold son that our team is special.  I've loved this team for more than 30 years, and I've never stopped.  And if they play another 18 innings tonight, you can be sure that I'll be awake ... until the final out.

Dan Solomon

I did stay up for the whole game and did go to work.  I am not tired yet though - still pretty pumped up!  I live in Richmond and watched the telecast on MASN.

Go O's!

Dave Keys

I stayed up for the conclusion of the Orioles game this morning. I'm active duty military and am on watch overnight tonight, so I didn't mind the preparation in adjusting my body. Go O's!

Alex Polyak

I woke up at the top of the 9th inning just in time to catch the 2 runs scored to tie the game.  I was feeling pretty lucky thinking I might see the O's win just watching a few innings...ha.  About 4 hrs later I did see the win.  Luckily I recently retired and could sleep in this morning.  Thanks for the win Orioles!

Theresa Waltermyer

Living in Gettysburg I know history when I see it and hear it! My 6 month old puppy at 1:30am decided he needed to go out and "do his business", so while taking Teddy out I grabbed my smartphone and figured I could check the final of the O's game…. Saw it was STILL going in the 12th so I figured I would pull-up the audio on the At-Bat app and listened….. and Listened… and listened….

Cannot believe this team!  I had gone to the game last Tuesday that went 14 innings and here they go again winning now in 18 inning and 5 plus hours on the field.   This team is magical and this is really a season to remember.

Pete Roy

Gettysburg, PA

Grew up in Silver Spring as a HUGE O's fan. Can't get enough of this pennant race. Just the most amazing thing that's happened to me as a sports fan in years.

I live in NYC right now and watch all games on MLB Extra Innings.

Was home in Silver Spring for the Jewish New Year yesterday and was excited to catch the game on the radio on the four-hour drive back to N.Y., which I did. Davis hit the 2-rbi single as I parked my car.

Walked into my apartment at 12:45 a.m. in time for the bottom of the 9th inning.

Despite having a 9 a.m. meeting, I decided to go for it and stayed up watching until 4 a.m. (with the help of two chewy bars and an Arnold Palmer).

I'm already at work this morning reading about Dylan Bundy because I had a 9 a.m. meeting.

In between I also helped my wife with my 3-month old, who was up for feeds at 4:45 and again at 6.

To say I'm pooped is an understatement. throat is killing and eyes need to be propped open.

It is all worth it though - 18 innings of pure Orioles Magic!!!!

Scott Zakheim, Manhattan

I stayed up because it's the first time since I've followed the team (I'm only 21) that they've been in contention. Totally worth it.

Alex Leisawitz

I watched the first 3 innings before falling asleep last night.  But then I woke up around 1:30 a.m. and checked my iPhone to see the score, saw it was tied and turned the TV back on.  At that point, I began to suffer from what I've termed "Osomnia."  It's a condition where a person is unable to fall asleep while watching the Orioles on a West Coast swing.  When I finally did go back to sleep after the game and post game interview around 4:30 a.m., I knew today's work day would be tough … but we O's fans have slept through the last 15 seasons so its well worth it!

Kevin Gandel

Went to bed @ 4 a.m., drifted in and out from about the 15th inning, but that could have been the EA Poe I was reading during commercials more than the game. Had to stay up, haven't had the need to do it in 15 years. Of course it was worth it, and I'll do it again tonight if required.

Now even more incentive with the Bundy news. I took my son to a Potomac Nats/Keys game on July 4 and he met Dylan and got his autograph. Sept continues to NOT disappoint. LET'S GO O's!!!  (just leave fewer runners on base)

Alex Leik


Bristow, VA

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