Orioles even on season, even with Yankees

The Orioles are 4-4 versus the Yankees this season.

The Orioles extended their winning streak to five games with a blowout win against the New York Yankees on Friday.

They are now three games behind New York in the American League East race.


Perhaps more important: The Orioles are finally back at .500, having not been there since May 5. They reached the even mark in game 60 – with a 30-30 record.

That's far from sparkling for a team that had 96 wins and captured the division title last year. But through 60 games in 2014, the Orioles were just 31-29. So there's time – and a little bit of precedent.

There will be a little more hope around here if the Orioles can win Saturday night to at least guarantee a series victory against New York – and make a push toward ultimately winning the season series.

So far this year, the Orioles are 4-4 versus the Yankees, a squad that notoriously gives the Orioles problems. Last, year the Orioles won the season series, 13-6. It was their first winning record versus the Yankees since going 8-4 in 1997.

Certainly it's coincidence – at least somewhat, anyway - but the only two times since 1990 that the Orioles have had a winning series record against the Yankees was in 1997 and 2014. And the Orioles won the division and went to the American League Championship Series in each year.

Players will say they don't get up for a certain team, but frankly playing the Yankees always means something for the Orioles.

"I love playing the Yankees," center fielder Adam Jones said. "When you first get into baseball, they're like Mount Everest. If you want to make your name, they're always on TV, they always get the prime games. So if you do something good against the Yankees, everybody's going to get a better chance of seeing it."