Orioles discuss their 7-2 win over the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday night

Jason Hammel pitches against the Mariners in Seattle.
Jason Hammel pitches against the Mariners in Seattle. (Otto Greule Jr, Getty Images)

SEATTLE -- The Orioles snapped their brief, two-game losing streak with a 7-2 win over the Mariners on Tuesday night.

Here are some quotes from the clubhouse after the game:


Jason Hammel on his start: "Pleased but not pleased. I'm still throwing way too many pitches in the innings. 100 pitches through five innings is way too many. The walks, the walks are bothersome to me. I made really good pitches before that early in the game. I was spotted to a nice lead again and that is always helpful. So overall a great team win."
Hammel on the bullpen: "We've got to give these guys in the bullpen a day off one of these days."
Hammel on the slow pace of the game: "I felt from the first pitch there was absolutely no rhythm to the game. Maybe a boring game to watch for those sitting in the seats because it was so slow."
Hammel on not going deep: "Six innings isn't enough and that's what I have been camped at and then today five innings, so I am obviously very frustrated because that's not the way to build a winning team. Because after a while those innings will start to chew up the bullpen no matter how good they are. And they have been outstanding. So I've got to get deeper in the games. That's just the bottom line."
Hammel on the bullpen as the club's leading factor for success: "Without a doubt. The offense has been very good, too. We've been able to put up some runs. And the bullpen has shut it down for us for the most part. It's definitely on the starters' shoulders right now. Obviously, Chen with an outstanding outing last time out and we look for him to do it again. But overall we've just got to get into the seventh inning, eighth inning. You got to start doing that a little bit more. Because those innings are starting to add up."
Hammel on how the starters can go deeper: "It's just being more economical with the pitches instead of being too fine. Being aggressive in the zone and not trying to do too much, not trying to strike everybody out because I've seen guys try to do that. Just stay aggressive try to get the ball into play early and stay with that instead of nibbling and trying to make perfect pitches all the time. I still think we are competing really well, obviously, or we wouldn't be five games over .500 right now. But those innings are going to add up if we don't start getting deeper into games."

Tommy Hunter on the bullpen: "We're just going out right now and doing our jobs, That's what you're supposed to do. You talk about being in both ends of the spectrum, giving up someone else's run is the worst feeling. Unfortunately it happened tonight.  … But we've been doing a pretty good job collectively as a group and hopefully it continues."

Chris Dickerson on a three-hit night in just his third start with team: "Got to take it little by little and go out there and try not to do too much. It's difficult when you haven't seen live pitching in five or six days. So I wanted to make sure I was short and quick to the ball and put the ball in play and see what happens. And luckily, definitely luckily, it worked out."

Dickerson on the bullpen: "You never feel like you are going to stay in trouble long. Someone is going to come out of this awesome bullpen and give us a strong performance. This whole bullpen has been unbelievable…It's truly incredible. The bullpen has been a huge lift for us when things have gotten a little bit hairy they can come in and shut the door. It's a huge luxury. And they've been doing an incredible job."


Dickerson on nearly making a great catch perched against the right-field corner wall before the ball popped out of his glove: "I'm so upset about that. So upset … That ball down the line has this crazy trajectory where it looks like it is going foul and then comes back. And I was anticipating it going in the stands and then at the last second it started coming back. And not only that I was on my way down. I was just so disappointed."
Dickerson on seeing the replay of the almost web gem: "It was so hard to watch. I just wanted to rewind time like you rewind the replay. It doesn't work that way." 
Buck Showalter on continually trying to keep his bullpen fresh: "That's what we do. Exactly. We are going to preserve the health of guys. We get in a situation where we make a decision with Jimmy (Johnson). We are not going to put him in harm's way because this is hopefully going to be one of our strengths and we want to protect it."
Showalter on Hammel needing to go deeper: "We all have that criteria and you are right. But pitching five innings in the Major Leagues is hard to do. There isn't that many people walking the streets that are able to do that. It seems like we always want more and, believe me, our starters want to get deep. And they have before and they will again."

Showalter on the rotation needing to improve in innings pitched: "I don't know about improve. It wasn't like we pitched seven or eight innings every night last year. We were just able to pass the load along. We got a lot of guys operating at the level they were last year, which a lot of people said they couldn't do. So, I'm going to look at the positive things going on that weren't questions in our mind, but you like to see them pick up where they left off. I can't say anymore to you all that this is April. Just April. Is it officially May yet? It's got to be past midnight."
Showalter on McLouth continuing his hot hitting: "Nate is a strong man. Pound for pound he's about as strong as we got. He's put together a good stretch here. Manny (Machado) very quietly, it kind of gets overlooked because the guy in front of him is doing so well, but they've been a pretty good 1-2 for us lately."

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