Orioles discuss their 8-3 loss to the Seattle Mariners

SEATTLE -- The Orioles dropped the rubber match of their three-game series against the Seattle Mariners, 8-3, at Safeco Field on Wednesday night.

Here's what some of the key figures were saying in the clubhouse afterward:


Wei-Yin Chen on his lack of command: "I think I couldn't establish the first pitch strike. That cost me the game tonight."

Chen on whether he tried to establish his fastball as his out pitch: "Not really. I just tried to make a pitch and I couldn't make it today. And I didn't give our guys any opportunity to win the ballgame."


Chen on trying to save the bullpen: "As a starter you definitely want to go deeper and deeper. But I feel bad today. I'm especially frustrated I couldn't save the pen today. I know they worked really hard. It definitely was not my day."

Chen on going from domination in Oakland to struggling in Seattle: "From outstanding to the worst tonight. I tried to attack the zone today. I tried to throw first pitch strikes. But I tried to think too much, I tried to attack both sides of the plate and it didn't work at all. And that cost me today."

Zach Clark on his major league debut: "It was cool. It was a little disappointing. I wish I could have done better. But it was still cool to be out there and have that opportunity. It was everything, just amped up. I don't even remember throwing the pitches in the pen. But getting out there was cool."

Adam Jones on the game: "We got beat. They beat us, they capitalized some mistakes that I made personally and that's what a good team does."

Jones on ball at the wall that he dropped: "I missed the ball. Doesn't really matter if you misjudge it, you missed it. So, you make an excuse, no one wants to listen to it. I missed it and cost my team. That inning turned out to be a pretty big inning. I need to clean my (stuff) up defensively. It's … frustrating. It's part of the game. It's why we got tomorrow. And I'm going to come back tomorrow ready to go."

Jones on his spate of defensive miscues: "It's part of the game. You got to play offense, you got to play defense. Defense has always been a part that just comes. And there's some things that I'm not doing well in the field and it's frustrating. But you think it's going to stop me from playing hard and stop the way I'm playing? It's not. Just got to pretty much clean it up. You can formulate it all you want to. You can say this, you can say that. Just got to get back on the field and get some reps and make the plays. Because those pitchers on the mound are fighting their tails off each and every day for us. And we're a good defense. Being the center fielder, I need to play to a centerfielder standard."

Jones on Aaron Harang's success: "Threw strike one. You throw strike one and he has us chasing the other pitches and swinging at pitches that he wanted us to. Same with Saunders the other night, you get ahead and are going to chase things they want you to swing at. We started to hit him a little later. But it was a little too late."

Jones on Chen's performance: "I got to catch the ball off Morales (a liner in the first that just dropped in). You take that away, (Chen) had eight pitches up to that point. He had the inning [in the second] with 22. You take those 14 pitches away the next inning, I catch the ball in center, you never know. You got one out. I think I could have helped limit his pitches. I didn't help him today which is frustrating because Chen goes out there and gives us everything he has every night. Tonight I failed him and I failed the team. But hey there's tomorrow and I'm going to show up ready to play."


Jones on Morales' liner: "I think I should have every ball. (Former Mariners minor league instructor) Mike Goff said a long time ago, 'It hits the grass that's your (butt).' And it hit the grass."

Buck Showalter on Harang: "I was hoping we would do a little better job off of him. He was due with his track record, pitching better than he has here so you hate that it kind of falls on you. But (he) had both sides of the plate. We didn't mount a whole lot there."

Showalter on Jones' defense: "He got a lot of work in because of the way (Chen) pitched. … We are so used to everything that goes up in the air, he's there. He's sold in centerfield. We'll keep him."

Showalter on Chen's performance: "I thought his fastball was pretty crisp as evidenced with his strikeouts. But he just made a lot of mistakes with his off-speed pitches and that's usually not indicative of him. And he paid a price for it."

Showalter on Jones dropping Montero's triple: "I don't think much, twice, about it at all. It's a tough play. Just like (Michael) Saunders had last night. Jonesy, sometimes you go through a period where guys are hitting balls just out of your reach and it's frustrating for him because he tries to catch everything that stays in the park. We're real happy with his play in centerfield."