Orioles continue to be postseason underdogs

Our columnist Peter Schmuck wrote today that the Orioles continue to defy the odds -- literally.

Oddmakers, most of whom predicted the Orioles to be one of the worst teams in baseball, continue to see the O's as a playoff longshot.


According to offshore online sportsbook Bovada, the Orioles opened the season with 150-to-1 odds to win the World Series, the second-largest odds among all MLB teams only to the 200-to-1 Houston Astros, who actually turned out to be pretty bad.

But as teams have dwindled out of competition, the Orioles' odds have become more favorable. They had 15-to-1 odds before the wild-card games and are now 9-to-1 odds heading into the division series round.


The favorites? Of course it's the Yankees, with 4-to-1 odds

Odds to win the 2012 World Series (Heading into Division Series)

New York Yankees   4/1

Washington Nationals   5/1

Cincinnati Reds    5/1

Detroit Tigers   5/1

San Francisco Giants   13/2

Oakland Athletics   15/2

St. Louis Cardinals    9/1

Baltimore Orioles   9/1

Odds to win the 2012 World Series (Heading into Wild Card game)

Cincinnati Reds  5/1

New York Yankees   5/1

Washington Nationals   5/1

Detroit Tigers   6/1

Texas Rangers  7/1

Oakland Athletics   15/2

San Francisco Giants   15/2

Atlanta Braves   12/1

Baltimore Orioles   15/1

St. Louis Cardinals   15/1

Odds to win the 2012 World Series (Opening Day)

Philadelphia Phillies   11/2

New York Yankees   13/2

Los Angeles Angels   7/1

Detroit Tigers   8/1

Texas Rangers   10/1

Boston Red Sox   10/1

San Francisco Giants   15/1

Tampa Bay Rays 18/1

Miami Marlins 20/1

Cincinnati Reds    20/1

Atlanta Braves    22/1

St. Louis Cardinals   25/1

Arizona Diamondbacks    28/1

Milwaukee Brewers    28/1

Washington Nationals    30/1

Los Angeles Dodgers   40/1

Toronto Blue Jays    40/1

Chicago Cubs   40/1

Colorado Rockies    40/1

Cleveland Indians   60/1

Chicago White Sox   65/1

Minnesota Twins   75/1

Kansas City Royals   80/1

New York Mets   80/1

Oakland Athletics   80/1

Pittsburgh Pirates   100/1

San Diego Padres   100/1

Seattle Mariners   100/1

Baltimore Orioles   150/1

Houston Astros   200/1