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Best quote: Adam Jones

Center fielder Adam Jones is the longest-tenured Oriole and a team leader. To take the pulse of the team, he is one of the top go-tos for a quote, during both the highs and lows. Here are two of his gems from 2015.

After Orioles' 12th loss in 13 games on Sept. 1:

“It’s not hard, it’s frustrating. Hard is figuring out quantum physics. That’s hard. Frustrating is going out there every night and giving it your all and not getting the result you want, but it’s the sport. You’ve got to bring it and we need to bring it and we need to bring it ASAP because it’s getting frustrating in here. I know the players feel it. I know the coaches feel it. You can hear it in the stands. They can feel it also."

On Sept. 29, with the Orioles eliminated from the playoffs and a potential roster shake-up looming with several key pending free agents:

"This is the last six games with our brothers and we are just going to cherish the last six days that we have here, because we know free agency looms and we know this team will not be back exactly as it is when we leave on Sunday. So we'll just spend as much time with each other and go out there between the lines and play the games as hard as we can and leave it all on the field and leave it for the fans."


Patrick Semansky / Associated Press
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