No-hitter fallout: Chris Davis' mustache is casualty of Orioles loss

The Baltimore Sun
Should Chris Davis have shaved his mustache after the Orioles were no-hit in Seattle on Wednesday?

Eduardo Encina reported after yesterday's game that Orioles slugger Chris Davis shaved his mustache before postgame interviews and says that will be one lasting effect of Hisashi Iwakuma's no-hitter

Davis, who was one of three Orioles to reach base via walk against the Seattle Mariners' veteran right-hander Wednesday, had tried to loosen the club up by keeping his cheesy mustache.

It seemed to work since he has been on a hot streak lately. But then the Orioles lost the final two games of the nine-game, 10-day road trip to finish with a 4-5 record on the West Coast.

And since the Crushtache couldn't keep the Orioles from flailing away at Iwakuma's slow, slower and slowest offerings Wednesday, the mustache had to go.

What a shame.

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