Morning briefing: Edwin Jackson starting at Norfolk, Schoop and other updates

Veteran pitcher Edwin Jackson, who signed a minor league contract with the Orioles just after Opening Day, is set to make his first start today against the Durham Bulls.

"Edwin Jackson is starting today for Norfolk,'' Buck Showalter said. "That's good to see."


There was some question whether the Orioles would steer Jackson toward a possible rotation or spot starter role or prepare him for a middle relief role. Showalter said that the fact that he is making his first minor league appearance as a starter is not necessarily definitive.

"I'm not sure," Showalter said. "I know he's had a background in both, kind of like Steve Johnson starting last night. Probably a need thing with some of the things we've done, I'll bet."

Depending on how Jackson does, he may give the O's still another good option to come up and fill a temporary hole in the rotation the way Alec Asher, Tyler Wilson and Jayson Aquino have over the past few weeks.

Schoop update: Though Jonathan Schoop was not available to play on Saturday because of swelling in his right hand, Showalter said it was possible he would be available off the bench today. It's also possible that Buck is just keeping Schoop hypothetically available for strategic reasons.

The injury occurred when he was hit by a pitch from former teammate Miguel Gonzalez in Friday night's game.

"It's a little better,'' Showalter said. "We have to do some things with the lineup in case there's a problem. I'm sure you all thought about last night if Schoop couldn't play and somebody was hurt on the infield...We've got to make sure our lineup is constructed so we can move some things around."

Showalter said he was unsure whether Wade Miley would test his sore wrist by playing catch today.

"When I left, he was in the Whirlpool, or his wrist was,'' Showalter said. "He seemed to be in pretty good spirits. Of course, he is all the time."